A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift

Let The Bells Ring!

We’ve arrived at our fourth Christmas as a label and like the other three we are marking the occasion with a release….with bells on. This time things are a little different, in as much as we are giving this 4-track EP away free to all our friends (and now everyone!). By friends we mean anyone who has ever bought something, helped us out or just sent us an email to say we’re doing something of worth. You’ll know you are friend because we will have written to you already. If you’d like to join this esteemed bunch of people in receiving ‘A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift’ for free all you have to do is to purchase one (or more) of our previous Christmas releases – An Indiecater Christmas, its younger brother from 2009 or its baby sister from 2010.

‘A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift’ contains 4 tracks, 2 of which are from familiar sources. Opening track ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’ comes from the Very Most, the band that have formed the spine in our back catalogue. Much as we love them throughout the year though, there is no escaping the fact that Boise’s finest are at their very best in December. ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’ is a cover of a song that coloured our youth but in many ways the Very Most have uncovered hidden depth. The band’s ‘Snow Covered’ EP, from which ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’ is taken, can be bought over here.

You’ll also find produce from Adam and Darcie scattered across Indiecater’s pages. The California based duo never fail to be anything less than beguiling and on ‘Silver Bells’ they add an unexpected experimental element to this old classic.

‘A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift’ was only conceived in mid November and that was thanks to our meeting with Jarno from Fotoshop. He is about to release his debut album and the tracks we’ve heard are quite something. When we found out he came from Lapland we just knew we had to get him to record a Christmas song for us. ‘Don’t Beat Me Up, It’s Christmas’ may not exactly be traditional seasonal fare but it is an outstanding electro composition.

Our final contributor on this EP is J. Catala, a producer and multi-instrumentalist with a decade’s worth of music industry travels. His is joined on the upbeat and poppy ‘Hey, It’s Christmas’ by singer Mar and the moment we heard it we knew we wanted it for this release.

We hope you enjoy our seasonal treat. Merry Christmas from Indiecater Records!

A special thank you to our friend, the ever so talented illustrator Alan Barrett who dreamed up the glorious artwork for this release.

74 thoughts on “A Special Indiecater Christmas Gift”

  1. Few tracks with the word “wombling” in their names can ever be bad. Love the past collections!

  2. I have all the previous Christmas collections and have been looking forward to this year’s one with much anticipation, like waiting to see what Santa’s left in your stocking!
    Merry Christmas to all at Indiecater Records.

  3. Brilliant. Tobermory-tastic bit of recycling by The Very Most, making good use of the things that they’ve found. Other tracks up to usual standard as well, Silver Bells is beautiful version. Smile on face. Seasons greetings, indiecater…

  4. Hi,

    I recently (in the past month or so) bought all three previous Christmas releases but have not received an e-mail saying I am a friend. I hope I am!

  5. The Indiecater Christmas releases are on my playlist every year. Can’t wait for this year’s!

  6. please indiecater can we have the link, please! i’ve been a good girl all year and bought and loved the last three releases.

  7. Some of the best original Christmas compilations I’ve ever heard! Thanks and Merry X-mas!

  8. I need variation in MY Christmas Music. The more variationed the better. Thanks should be extended to Mistletunes for pointing this site out!

  9. It’s not Christmas until Noddy Holder says so, or until Indiecater have released a Christmas compilation.
    I’ve loved the previous releases, and this one looks set to be every inch the match of those glorious seasonal collections. God bless us every one!

  10. The last three Xmas compilations have been in heavy rotation this month. I wish there was a full-length release this year…

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