Positive Response

The Clap
2 days in and the response have been overwhelming. We’re almost halfway there already with 4 really good tracks lined up. Several high calibre acts are recording new material this weekend especially for the compilation (gulp!), which will mean we will be in a very healthy position by this time next week. Someone asked me earlier what the CD would look like – well, I decided early on that this would be a digital release only. No point in introducing unnecessary delivery and packaging costs when a simple zipped file can do the business for free. The zipped file will include the 10 songs, a playlist (so the songs play in order), track listing, original artwork plus some background information and links about the bands taking part. It will probably sell for €4.50 with the income shared amongst all those taking part. As ever I would welcome any thoughts, ideas, guidance that you may have.

indiecater volume one

indiecater volume one
Sometime soon mp3hugger will have in its possession 10 brand new songs from 10 different independent artists. The songs will be packaged together to make a compilation to be titled ‘indiecater: volume one’. The collection will be low priced and sold directly from this site. Each participating artist will receive an equal percentage of the purchase price and so will be guaranteed an income once at least a single copy of the album is purchased.

Submit Your Song

As everyone knows a compilation is not really a compilation without songs so this is where you and your band come in. The only condition for submitting a song is that it is of good quality, hasn’t been released commercially already and will remain exclusive to this compilation. In return you will receive exposure to mp3hugger’s readership (currently 1K a day), receive income from every sale and benefit from any reviews on blogs/other media that the compilation may receive. If you are interested, have questions or would like to submit a song straight away please contact me.

Buying The Compilation

Those who buy the album will receive a zipped file containing 10 high quality mp3s that have been vetted by mp3hugger. This means there will be no filler whatsoever; every track will come with the mp3hugger seal of approval. Take it as read that there will be no compilation unless 10 tracks of high enough quality have been submitted. Also included in the file with be some unique artwork, a track listing as well as information relating to all the participating bands.

What Is Point Of This Exercise?

The number of great bands that receive little or no press whatsoever constantly surprises me. This collection will gather 10 of the best, which should prove to be an attractive proposition for indie music fans. The compilation will be of high quality and budget priced with profits going straight back to the music makers. If Volume One is a success further compilations may then become possible.

Early Days

As you’ve probably guessed I am winging it a bit here but I think that something like this is workable. If you have any suggestions or issues with any of the above please get in touch. I could do with all the help I can get.