What The Press Are Saying About An Indiecater Christmas!

Three Imaginary Girls – “perfect for soundtracking your holiday parties!”

Nick Thinks (too much!) – “I don’t think I’d like to hear that on christmas morning”

The Irish Emigrant – “I’ve discovered the perfect Christmas gift; it’s unusual, authentic, has a nice dash of Irish – and it’s cheap”

Drop-D – “Some will love the more Christmas-y songs, more will prefer the more alternative sounding offerings.”

The Irish Independent – “the only serious Cliff repellent for your stereo this Christmas”

I Correct Myself, I Mean All The Time – “an Indiecater Christmas is simply put, a brilliant collection of tunes”

The Clare People Newspaper – “it’s not exactly Shakin’ Stevens”

Bluebirds Are So Natural – “the musical equivalent of lights for a Christmas tree that flash on, and off, and then, suddenly, keep flashing on for fifteen minutes straight”

Burning World – “instead of containing groups of Chimpanzees destroying what we are constantly told are Christmas classics is full of new tunes by good bands”

Tenacious T – “Nina Hynes is just sublime, Venice Is Sinking spectacular and Jape & David Kitt electrifying!”

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – “this is an extremely winsome and yet thoroughly engaging collection: if you’re into twee, slowcore and the like, investigate at will”

Off Her Rocker – “the perfect seasonal accompaniment”.

Matt Vinyl – “a nice alternative to the usual shite that gets repackaged and rereleased at Christmas”

Indie Limerick – “a christmas record full of indie cheer”.

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  1. loxsly did a very nice job making yet another really cool song and fits perfect for the occasion

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