Getting Ahead Of Myself

Long Road Ahead

Yeah, the first compilation is not even in the can and already my head is drifting onto what will come after it. Time is almost out for Volume One and I think it will be an impressive release. The artwork is coming along well too thanks to Laura’s efforts. Volume Two is looking like a certainty now so if you are in a band and would like to contribute please get in touch. I think the unreleased side of things confused a lot of people so V2 won’t have this restriction. The only condition is that in submitting a song you have the rights to do so. Further down the line I’d like to release an indie Christmas album so if you have something that might fit give me a shout. More on this later.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ahead Of Myself”

  1. Laura: Tis only himself in his pre golden ticket state.

    Jardintete: That would be so great, let me know if you’d like a copy for review.

  2. I’d actually like to buy it I think. But I’m going to blog about it for sure.

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