The Music Floweth

Squire'd Be Proud
We are up to 15 tracks submitted, with about the same number promised! The quality has been outstanding and there is a nice variation in the tunes so far. The biggest issue now could be to choosing the final 10 songs! If it works out then this could perhaps be the start of a series of releases so those that don’t make it onto volume one could be part of a future collection. I can’t get over the generosity and enthusiasm of the bands, giving their work away to a blogger whom they’ve never met. Hopefully I can repay their faith and indiecater will turn out to be a success. I have been working on the backend over the last day, I wanted a nice clean pay-and-here’s-your-download process and thanks to the help from Simon at SVC I think I have something that will make buying the album a seamless process. You may be wondering how I’ve had so much time to do all this, well having a week off work helps. Music in the morning/afternoon and Euro 2008 in the evening, yep, it’s turning out to be the best week ever!

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