Indiecater Volume Three

Indiecater Volume Three

What started out as a once-off compilation consisting of unreleased tracks from some of our favourite bands has quickly mushroomed into something resembling a record label (!). For the most part it has been great fun and a lovely way to give something back to the talented musicians who fill our evenings with such sparkling soundtracks. So after a couple of compilations and a couple of reissues we are proud to present our latest offering Indiecater Vol. 3. As ever we are indebted to all 10 contributors who have very kindly offered up their work to us. We hope that somewhere deep inside this compilation you’ll find something that meets with your approval. We think it’s a good one but that won’t matter a whole lot unless you do too.

Here is the track listing:

1) Sa Sevol – The Little Ones (Michigan)
2) Ral Partha Vogelbacher – Birthday in Beijing (San Francisco)
3) Ian Love – The Only Night (Brooklyn)
4) Bakers At Dawn РHopeful (Malm̦)
5) Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds (Ã…bo/Turku)
6) Celestial – Fragile Heart (Örebro)
7) The Dying Seconds – I’ll Make The Best Weapon (Dublin)
8) Starfucker – German Love (Portland)
9) Ravens and Chimes – General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone (New York)
10) Angel Pier – Sprites (Gorey/Ottawa/Dublin)

All this including some unique artwork for just €4.50!

Listen to Indiecater Vol. 3 in its entirety!

[audio: Sevol – The Little Ones.mp3, Partha Vogelbacher – Birthday In Beijing.mp3, Love – The Only Night.mp3, At Dawn – Hopeful.mp3, On Fire – Higher Grounds.mp3, – Fragile Heart.mp3, Dying Seconds – I’ll Make The Best Weapon.mp3, – German Love.mp3, And Chimes – General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone.mp3, Pier – Sprites.mp3|titles=The Little Ones, Birthday In Beijing, The Only Night, Hopeful, Higher Grounds, Fragile Heart, I’ll Make The Best Weapon, German Love, General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone, Sprites|artists=Sa Sevol, Ral Partha Vogelbacher, Ian Love, Bakers At Dawn, Cats On Fire, Celestial, The Dying Seconds, Starfucker, Ravens & Chimes, Angel Pier]

Free Download: Starfucker – German Love

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If you are having any problems purchasing or downloading the compilation please give me a shout.

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