Super Discounts!

Indiecater Discounts
In an attempt to appear a little more swish we’ve just introduced a new shopping cart system on the site. Now you can buy as many products as you want in one go and view what’s in your shopping cart at the click of the button! It’s amazing the little things that get us excited so to celebrate we are introducing a discount for those who plump for more than 1 album. So if you decide to buy any 2 albums on the site just use the discount code ‘twindiecater’ to get 5% off your total price. For those who go a step further and pick up a hat-trick (or more) of indiecater’s finest there is a 10% discount available once you use the discount code ‘trindiecater’. Just type the relevant discount code in the discount section of the shopping cart and press the ‘update cart’ button. Not only will you have sweet sounds but you’ll also have more money for pints!

To Sum Up (or down as in this case):

twindiecater (2 items) = 5% off
trindiecater (3 items or more) = 10% off

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