Merry Christmas!

twinkle-starTo wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas here is Nina Hynes’s song ‘Twinkle’ which you can download for free. We’d like to thank you all for making 2008 such a special one for us and we hope that next year can be even better. Nollaig Shona!

[audio: Nina Hynes – Twinkle.mp3]

Free Download: Nina Hynes – Twinkle

Just when you thought it was over
Just when you thought it was through
Some kind of magic like starlight is shining down on you.
Been searching that star for a lifetime it seems
But now there’s a twinkle
In the sky a light that beams.
Our wishes are just like pennies
Hope we can spend to make real,
Wishes are free and somehow it’s the key to believe is all that you
The journey’s so long
Been so lost, so wrong
But now there’s a calling to sing out a new song.
A winter robin is in my tree and I’ll sing and sing ’til my heart is
I will sing and sing, I will sing
By the Christmas tree.

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