A Year With The Very Most

$ Seasons EPsYou’ve probably established by now that everything that has appeared on Indiecater thus far has been as a result of our begging, borrowing or stealing (pick the odd one out). Well, that’s all about to change because we’ve teamed up with our favourite new band the Very Most to work on a project that will be exclusive to the label! The project will be called ‘A Year With The Very Most’, not too clever you might say but it has a nice ring to it we think. Anyway, the whole thing is based around a very simple premise, namely the 4 seasons of the year. To expand, the plan is for the Very Most to record 4 EP’s (download only for the moment) in 2009, each to be named after the season in which it is released. So on February 1st the ‘Spring’ EP will make its entrance, on May 1st the ‘Summer’ EP will be hatched and so on. Each release will have 4 brand new seasonally tailored tunes, will bear the Indiecater logo (currently not in existence but come February…) and will cost a mere €2.50. So by December 2009 we’ll have a bevy of pretty new tunes and we’ll celebrate by doing something special. It’s giving us butterflies even thinking about it. As they say in all the best sci-fi yarns, watch this space!

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