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Indiecater USB Key

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Fancy receiving your favourite indiecater releases through the post? Well now you can with the funky new indiecater USB memory key. The USB key costs €8 (which includes worldwide shipping) and comes with a memory capacity of 1GB. That should be more than enough to store over 150 high quality mp3s! It’s also plug and play, which means that once you stick it into your computer or stereo (if it has a USB port) it is a breeze to transfer the songs and artwork. And when you’re done you’ll be left with a cool USB key that you can use over and over again to move whatever files you like. And it’s really light and dinky (measuring: Length 64mm, Width 20mm, Height 8mm).

We think this little gizmo could suit you if you have a bad internet connection, are short on time or if you are sick of the download/unzip file merry-go-round. All you’ve got to do is add the USB key to your shopping cart and then select the albums you wish us to load onto it. Of course you’ll still be given the option to download the albums straight away as normal. Be careful that you include your full address with your order!

If you’d like to order more than one USB key at a time please give us a shout.

One thought on “USB is our USP!”

  1. The biggest advantage of this USB key, is, of course, that it’s the coolest USB key on the planet simply by virtue of the fact that it’s an Indiecater USB key! I’m getting one right now.

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