South Ambulance – EP#4

South Ambulance - EP#4

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Ever since we laid ears on ‘Die 5times Times5’ back in 2005 we knew this band were special. Who else could pour vitriol so eloquently within the confines of a shoegazetastic tune? The track was taken from South Ambulance’s self-titled debut and what a magical piece of work it was (much like everything that Labrador turns its hand to in fact). Fast forward 4 years and it really puts a siren in our emergency vehicle to be able to offer up the bands latest series of EP’s. EP#5 and EP#6 will be along later in the year but for now we can celebrate in the melody doused aroma of EP#4. South Ambulance come from Sweden so you know the goods on offer will be quality. What makes this digital release even sweeter is the bonus track ‘Kinky Love’. This is a cover of the venerable Pale Saints track (which in itself was a cover of the Nancy Sinatra original) and is every bit as good as the original. And as an ageing shoegaze fan myself I feel comfortable in that assertion. EP#4 costs just €2.50 which makes it cheaper than chips and a good deal less fattening.

We spoke to the band recently and they told us about the EP.

“Hello everybody. Sitting in the attic among our half forgotten fortune telling accessories on one particularly windy night, we decided to lay some cards. After some turning and reading in the halflight it was clear it’s high time you all heard more from us, South Ambulance. While we were at it we dusted our age old Ouija board as well to give it a go. It repeatedly spelled out the well-used number 3, and so this is the number of EPs we’ve recorded, and which we’re proud to release through Indiecater this spring. We’re starting out with EP#4, which contains songs of little contemplations on death, desperate space travelling, and sudden ageing.

What’s new? First, we’re very happy with the production (deeper depths, wider widths, higher heights etc), since the ideas came out very well on tape. We’ve used quite a lot of shimmering upright piano this time, which can be heard on all three EPs. Some would say the beats are groovier than before. We don’t mind, they’re quite right. There are also a couple of surprises for your ears on each EP, on this first one for example, you can hear time pass. And stop.

We’ll be back with some more well chosen words when EP#5 is due, until then, enjoy.

/South Ambulance, March 2009”

Listen To EP#4!

[audio: Ambulance – Davy Crockett.mp3, Ambulance – King Of Geeks.mp3, Ambulance – Flowers.mp3, Ambulance – I Think Of Death.mp3, Ambulance – Kinky Love.mp3|titles=Davy Crockett, King Of Geeks, Flowers, I Think Of Death, Kinky Love]

Free Download: South Ambulance – Davy Crockett

EP#4 Also Available Here!

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Press Quotes


‘blissful 13 and a bit minutes…’


‘Friendly, skewed, comfortably messy, unexpectedly melodic…’

How Marvellous

‘it’s all tuneful & harmonious & vocal ‘ba ba ba’s’…’

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