The Rest – Everyone All At Once

The Rest - Everyone All At Once

It’s been a couple of years since that great Canadian invasion, a remarkable period around the middle of the decade when it appeared as if
every new exciting act emanated from that part of the world. Things have quietened considerably but now and then something wonderful emerges. Hamilton is at the epicentre this time and the Rest are the ones pulling the strings. Curiously we came to know about this collective via their electronica side project Allegories but one listen to ‘Walk On Water’ quickly had us refocusing. The song is taken from the bands second album ‘Everyone All At Once’ which has been blessed with an epic grandeur that reveals umpteen secrets on close inspection. It is hymnal and flamboyant at the same time and evokes early U2 and that great fire of 2005 while still carefully negotiating its own path. We’ve been in touch with front man Adam Bentley for a couple of years but when we suggested that he consider digitally releasing ‘Everyone All At Once’ through indiecater we weren’t necessarily expecting a positive. When it arrived we quickly scanned the nearest thesaurus to find ingenious words that could adequately describe this wonderful album. Unfortunately they haven’t been invented yet so you’ll have to take our word for it. If that’s not worth the web it’s written on then you can stream the whole album to make up your own mind!

But first here is Adam giving us some of his inner thoughts about the record:

Everyone All At Once took shape over a two-year period of writing, recording and being patient. Sparked by a collective need for improvement and progression from out debut album Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour, we headed to a remote family cottage to write and focus on music. The results, we believe, are the best music any of us have been a part of, representing a period of excitement and growth in the band, and for a change this growth does not involve an additional member joining our ranks.

This is an album that we feel as strongly about each and every track, and in a world of expanding music more focused on the quick instant pleasures, we hope that you can completely fall into these pieces, finding new ways to listen, and varied interpretations around each word, tone, rhythm and melody.’

Listen To Everyone All At Once!

[audio: Rest – Coughing Blood-Fresh Mountain Air.mp3, Rest – Modern Time Travel (Necessities).mp3, Rest – Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing.mp3, Rest – Phonetically Phonetically.mp3, Rest – Apples & Allergies.mp3, Rest – Drinking Again.mp3, Rest – Blossom Babies Part Two.mp3, Rest – Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings).mp3, Rest – The Lady Vanishes.mp3, Rest – Everything All At Once.mp3,|titles=Coughing Blood/Fresh Mountain Air, Modern Time Travel (Necessities), Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing, Phonetically Phonetically, Apples & Allergies, Drinking Again, Blossom Babies Part Two, Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings), The Lady Vanishes, Everything All At Once]

Press Quotes

Indie Rock Cafe

‘…full of harmonies, melodies and day-dream symphonies…’


‘…the band’s melodies move along like ocean waves…’

Bringer of Song

‘…a cinematic energy, a driving-scene-montage thrum to the song that pulls me in…’

Leonard’s Lair, Side One: Track One, Stop Sleeping, Yo, Swear I’m Not Paul

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