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[audio: Talvik – My James Dean.mp3, – Politis.mp3, Band – Aggravate.mp3, – Dominoes.mp3, – Times Are Changing.mp3, Museum – Warning Bells.mp3, Love Language – Lalita.mp3, Belfast – Underwear.mp3, Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death.mp3, – Ms. Bentwich.mp3, Uglysuit – Chicago.mp3, – Tear Down The Tents.mp3, – Billie Holiday.mp3, Nielson – Love Song To Chan Marshall.mp3, Jane – Blackboots And Blackhearts.mp3, – Twice Upon A Time.mp3, – Solitude.mp3, – Out Of Marseille.mp3, Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships.mp3|titles=My James Dean, Politis, Aggravate, Dominoes, Times Are Changing, Warning Bells, Lalita, Underwear, A Dance To Half Death, Ms. Bentwich, Chicago, Tear Down The Tents, Billie Holiday, Love Song To Chan Marshall, Blackboots And Blackhearts, Twice Upon A Time, Solitude, Out Of Marseille, Guilt Trips Sink Ships|artists=Sofia Talvik, Subplots, Marching Band, Office, Languis, Mitchell Museum, The Love Language, FM Belfast, The Second Hand Marching Band, Princeton, The Uglysuit, Roofwalkers, Warpaint, Black Nielson, Sweet Jane, Zinedines, Delorentos, Honeyheads, Shout Out Out Out Out]
Free Download: Sweet Jane – Blackboots & Blackhearts

Indiecater Volume IV is our fifth compilation (the links to its predecessors are in the sidebar) and is probably our most ambitious one so far with a total of 19 tracks featuring the cream of the underground. Most of the tracks are of the indie rock/jangle pop variety although there are dashes of electronica and experimentation throughout. The hope is that it will give some much deserved exposure to these great artists and encourage people like you into further investigation of their back catalogue. Every one of the songs has appeared on our sister blog mp3hugger at one stage or another so we are delighted to make an official statement of our love for them! The majority of the sale price goes directly back to the bands so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting independent music. Included in the download bundle are all 19 tracks, the original artwork and an information sheet.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the contributing artists and their gracious labels for making this compilation possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have putting it all together.

Here is the full tracklisting (the first digital comp with 2 sides!)

Side A

1 Sofia Talvik – My James Dean (Stockholm)
2 Subplots – Politis (Dublin)
3 Marching Band – Aggravate (Linköping)
4 Office – Dominoes (Detroit)
5 Languis – Times Are Changing (Buenos Aires)
6 Mitchell Museum – Warning Bells (Glasgow)
7 The Love Language – Lalita (Chapel Hill)
8 FM Belfast – Underwear (Reykjavík)
9 The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death (Glasgow)

Side B

10 Princeton – Ms. Bentwich (Eagle Rock)
11 The Uglysuit – Chicago (Oklahoma)
12 Roofwalkers – Tear Down The Tents (Washington)
13 Warpaint – Bille Holiday (Los Angeles)
14 Black Nielson – Love Song To Chan Marshall (Southampton)
15 Sweet Jane – Blackboots & Blackhearts (Dublin)
16 Zinedines – Twice Upon A Time (Muro)
17 Delorentos – Solitude (Dublin)
18 Honeyheads – Out Of Marseille (Hamburg)
19 Shout Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Edmonton)

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Primeros Pasitos, Thumped, Hits In The Car, Strange Glue.

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