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In The Dream Of The Sea Life Front Cover

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You know the score at this stage. Indiecater releases something and a couple of seconds later it is playing on your music player. That’s the immediacy of downloads and it is also the reason we have been able to keep our prices low. Despite all the advantages of mp3s though they are not the prettiest things to show your friends what a beacon of cool you are. Lots of you have told us this and today we are moving into stage two in the evolution of the label. From mid October we will be in possession of our first run of CD’s, a couple of weeks later the second release to be given the physical treatment will arrive. Our first foray is what we are here for today however and it is the CD version of Candy Claw’s ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’. Hopefully at this stage you’ve established how great the Fort Collins act are, the reviews alone will show you we are not alone in our love of them. Their CD will be selling for €9 (which will include worldwide postage) but you can pre-order it for €8 today and as soon as the stock arrives we will post it on to you. Your pre-order will also include the download version of the album so you can enjoy it straight away before giving it the full stereo treatment in October.

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