Christmas Time Is (almost) Here Again

Charlie Brown Tree

We like to think of ourselves as Christmas music aficionados with an interest in all things sleigh bell related. So that is why we spend quite a few summer nights tapping up our favourite bands to see if they are interested in writing a brand new song for our Christmas compilations. To a man/woman they laugh at our timing but these are the length’s one has to go to to ensure a festive release. And so since Indiecater emerged from the blogging undergrowth in 2008 quite a few pristine yuletide numbers have slipped out into the wider world. And 2013 will be no different as huddled in various corners around the world, at this very moment, are bands we know in the throes of recording their merry little jangles for inclusion on An Indiecater Christmas 2013. Twill indeed be the season to be jolly.