A Year With The Very Most

It may have driven the Very Most close to the edge for 12 long industrious months but ‘A Year With The Very Most’ is something that the rest of us can enjoy for years to come. The concept was simple really; at the turn of every season Boise’s finest indie pop band would release a download EP on Indiecater. Each would be themed on the season it found itself announcing so rather like night following day out popped Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter at their appointed times. Each EP was heaving with melody, spiked with subtle humour and saw fit to include some of the finest twee-pop instrumentation this side of Belle & Sebastian. The songs were so good we felt compelled to commit them to CD. So here it is ‘A Year With The Very Most’ containing all 14 tracks from the 4 EPs and a bonus track called ‘Kite’ (a Lake cover). ‘A Year With The Very Most’ even has its own site, which you can visit over here. 2009 was like no other for the Very Most and we’re wondering what they can do to outstrip their achievements. We’re sure it’ll be worth the wait!


Portland Mercury

…a twinkling pop approach and richly knit arrangements that call to mind the Beach Boys and LAKE…

The Uncool

…the catchy hooks and melodies of Big Star, the jangly pop of the Byrds…

For Folks Sake

…a beautiful album full of hope and fantastic songs…


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5 thoughts on “A Year With The Very Most”

  1. Hello!

    I would like to buy the “A year with the very most”-cd, but I have already invested in all the digtal EP’s. How large will my discount be?
    And do I need som kind of discount-code, when I buy the cd?

    Jonathan, Denmark

  2. When i’m in a bad mood, I stick this album on and I suddenly feel great. Brilliant!

  3. I’m a massive stone roses and teenage fanclub fan so to hear this album is magic. I cant stop listening to it. Well done to the very most, a classic!

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