Indiecater Volume One Cover

we wanna get downloads and we wanna have a good time

Indiecater is an offshoot of the mp3hugger music blog and is based in Dublin. It’s not really a record label in the traditional sense as we mostly put out records that you download. In other words you can’t touch them, although we do hope you feel them. And because we’re very picky we only put out an album if it’s something that we’d buy ourselves, that way we can put our heart and soul into telling the world how great it is. Indiecater initially released compilations of songs that had appeared on mp3hugger but we soon realised that there was much more that could be done. That’s why we started reissuing albums that we’ve always loved but are no longer in circulation (but blood pumping all the same!) or are hard to find. In early 2009 we started releasing brand new stuff which gave us the confidence to grow as a label. We’ve tried to keep our prices low in the hope that people like you will take a leap of faith and end up finding some music that will stay with you forever. It’s all very simple really and the best thing of all is that the majority of the income from every sale goes straight back to the bands.