Burning Codes – Burning Codes 2

On New Year’s Day 2009 we introduced you to Paul Archer’s Burning Codes. The Belfast act create a world where pop has an overriding sense of the hymnal, a place where chords are ever so sweetly jangled and the message is paramount. We were utterly beguiled by that record so you can imagine our joy when Burning Codes 2 landed in our laps. This time Burning Codes see fit to occasionally ramp up the stakes and deliver fully-fledged anthems. Between the blockbusters though there is plenty of time for contemplation, moments so dreamy you might just leave the stresses of modern life aside for half an hour. Burning Codes remain reassuringly unique and utterly indispensable.


2 U I Bestow

…simply superb (top Irish album of 2010)…

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