What The Press Are Saying About An Indiecater Christmas!

Three Imaginary Girls – “perfect for soundtracking your holiday parties!”

Nick Thinks (too much!) – “I don’t think I’d like to hear that on christmas morning”

The Irish Emigrant – “I’ve discovered the perfect Christmas gift; it’s unusual, authentic, has a nice dash of Irish – and it’s cheap”

Drop-D – “Some will love the more Christmas-y songs, more will prefer the more alternative sounding offerings.”

The Irish Independent – “the only serious Cliff repellent for your stereo this Christmas”

I Correct Myself, I Mean All The Time – “an Indiecater Christmas is simply put, a brilliant collection of tunes”

The Clare People Newspaper – “it’s not exactly Shakin’ Stevens”

Bluebirds Are So Natural – “the musical equivalent of lights for a Christmas tree that flash on, and off, and then, suddenly, keep flashing on for fifteen minutes straight”

Burning World – “instead of containing groups of Chimpanzees destroying what we are constantly told are Christmas classics is full of new tunes by good bands”

Tenacious T – “Nina Hynes is just sublime, Venice Is Sinking spectacular and Jape & David Kitt electrifying!”

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – “this is an extremely winsome and yet thoroughly engaging collection: if you’re into twee, slowcore and the like, investigate at will”

Off Her Rocker – “the perfect seasonal accompaniment”.

Matt Vinyl – “a nice alternative to the usual shite that gets repackaged and rereleased at Christmas”

Indie Limerick – “a christmas record full of indie cheer”.

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Press For Indiecater Vol. 3

Indiecater Vol. 3

‘another great compilation’ says friend of indiecater Tenacious Timothy.

Solidarity and lickable covers, why it’s gotta be the indiecater compilations series!

Hits In The Car gives the compilation the thumbs up by saying ‘Indiecater Volume 3 is out now and features some absolutely wonderful artists!’

Man about town and self-confessed vinyl addict Matt had this to say ‘features the best indie talent drawn from around the globe’.

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Press For Indiecater Vol. 2

Indiecater Vol. 2

What is it about Vol. 2 and 8/10’s? Not sure really but here is another one from the Clare People Newspaper.

8/10 ain’t too shabby and that’s what Volume 2 scores from the Clare People Interactive site, they also like the way it ‘unearths some gems’.

Fresh Deer Meat prove that indiecater is certainly to their taste when they admit that ‘few compilations this year will open your eyes to such a diverse range of quality artists’

indiecater gets its first review as gaeilge from slinky online mag nós* and in the process scores an impressive 4/5!

Matt Vinyl cuts to the chase and in the process hits the nail on the head ‘reminiscent of old folk recordings in the way that it’s put together’.

‘excellent tracks by some uniquely talented artists’ is how our fav Danish blogger Stytzer puts it.

‘a super affordable album of gleaming musical treasures’ is how Gardenhead describes the album, extra points for acknowledging hugger’s insatiable taste for punnery.

See what you hear likes what he hears ‘the second part of this charming series has arrived’.

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Press For Indiecater Vol. 1

On The Irish World

indiecater achieves what appears to be a near perfect score, well 8/10 is pretty nifty don’t ya think? from the newly revamped and now fully nationwide Analogue Magazine.

An ecstatic in-depth review from Tim at Tenacious T that culminates in ‘a good compilation is like sex and by god this one proves that point – the foreplay, the action and the sated yet yearning for more feeling at the end. God give me a cigarette now!’.

Album review which has comments on all 10 tracks from Pretending To Be Japanese.

From blogger come burgeoning record label Song, By Toad “a bloody good listen”.

From the high priest of self-depreciation Matt Vinyl “a very diverse and wonderful range of music”.

The Egocentric lads had this to say about indiecater “a compilation of underground music that’s just too damned good to remain underground”.

Jared from one of our favourite blogs 5 Acts had really nice things to say “I love it! And the best part: not one single track here is a letdown”.

Danish Blogger Hits In The Car says “Now this could be very, very interesting!” in relation to indiecater.


mp3hugger was interviewed on Phantom FM on 29th July 2008 about the indiecater compilation, you can listen to some of it here hugger on phantom


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