Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out

We’ve known Max Sollisch for over a year now, ever since he sent us a hand stitched copy of his demo for Arlo & The Otter. At first the heartbreak and ramshackle was too much to take but something kept on bringing us back to the 22 year old Columbus based singer’s ingenious tales of woe. Before too long we knew there was something special going on, Sollisch may keep his compositions simple but when he sings it’s difficult to block out the message. At a superficial level the 5 songs that make up this EP Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out could be interpreted as high melancholy but hidden in the depths is Sollisch’s subtle humour. We know he is destined for greatness and we’re proud to be here with him at the very start.

Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out is Indiecater’s third physical release and because everyone knows CD’s are dead we decided to release it on cassette as well as our default digital delivery. Everyone who buys the cassette (€8 which includes worldwide postage) will also get a digital copy for when they ditch their walkman. For those of you who prefer to shop from us over the iTunes of this world you will be rewarded with the full artwork and lyrics in your digital bundle!

Max now outlines how he dreamed up his Valentine’s EP (yep, no other date in calender seemed to fit better as a release date)

Max here! I’ve written these 5 tunes as a humorous solution to heart break. It’s very easy to get down on your life and stay inside listening to Roman Candle by Elliott Smith (and believe me I have) but this album aims at driving you out of that mindset as well as your house for a good laugh. Some of the lyrics are also a bit hurtful and vindictive however… “one, you never knew your worth, two I never knew your name, and three, if I tell you you’re enough, then call me on my bluff and make a change.” Maybe think of this album as that one friend of yours who’s a bit of an asshole but always seems to make you laugh when you’re feeling down. In fact that’s probably the only reason you keep him around, but he fills that much needed place in your life. So I guess I’m saying that this album, like your dick friend, is a bit of a one trick pony. I can live with that. Even a one trick pony deserves a ride. Hope some of this made sense.

gingerly yours,



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