Indiecater Volume One

Indiecater Volume 1 was our first release as a record label. It was an exciting time but having no idea how scary bands and labels could be we decided to stick to unreleased tracks from 10 bands we adored. Some of the tracks were subsequently released (and some even got reviewed on Pitchfork!) but back in June 2008 these beauties were unknown and getting their first airing via our label.

Here is the full track listing with links to the band websites:

1) Burning Codes – It’s Alright (Belfast)
2) Slushco – Astronaut (Atlanta)
3) Storkboy Choons – Rockfield Symphony (Kells)
4) The E.L.F. – Cockroaches (Sydney)
5) Foreign Slippers – Packed The Car (Norrkoping)
6) Beaten Awake – You Remind Me of Me (Kent, Ohio)
7) Call To Mind – (Untitled) (Inverness)
8) Empty Rooms – We’ve Been Waiting for You (San Francisco)
9) Cymbals Eat Guitars – Share (New York)
10) Michael Knight – Dumbshow (Director’s Cut) (Dublin)

Read what the press said about Indiecater Vol. 1.

5 thoughts on “Indiecater Volume One”

  1. Congrats to indiecater. Downloaded the album this morning. Looking forward to listening to it. Great idea.


  2. Downloading it now. Great idea, looking forward to it, especially Storkboy Choons. Nice one.

  3. Man, what a line up! Very excited about actually hearing it! I’ll be listening in for some potential ClubAC30 line-ups!!

    Well done!

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