South Ambulance – EP#6

EP#6 represents a hat-trick of releases from Sweden’s South Ambulance on Indiecater. This time they’ve pulled out all the stops by bringing forth a bunch of new tracks, some unreleased gems from the vaults and a Christmas song that defies the standard seasonal classification. These 5 men from Stockholm are adept at messing with the rules so grief, tragedy, humour and spite don’t always sound the way you’d expect them to. In this regard be warned, they may throw you a lifeline but don’t expect there to be a buoy at the other end.

To help us understand the gospel according to South Ambulance and to contextualise EP#6 the band have carefully assembled the following words.

God put South Ambulance on the mountain to be the organist of the cathedral-shaped echoes. Their screams play the hollow cliffs, the brink and the abyss. Their music amazes the acoustics. All day afterwards, worn out, they sleep in the sun.

For 3 euro you can download all 8 tracks and the artwork from EP#6. For 13 euro you’ll get all 3 EP’s from South Ambulance on a memory stick posted to your house!

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  1. His work was taken from my site at the request of kevin
    sorry not want to cause trouble

    live in Brazil and we have many fans and their stores do not sell cds work

    my site just want to help publicize the artists

    Brazil and the poor and the CD is expensive and the stores here do not have their jobs

    you should make money from concerts and not cds

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