The Ambience Affair – Patterns

In early 2009 the Ambience Affair’s debut EP Fragile Things burnt a devastating impression on us so it comes as no surprise to see their follow-up appearing on Indiecater. This time they really mean business, their loop fantastic arrangements are still to the fore but the songs sound bigger and more inventive. They sure won’t be whistling this down your local pub but that’s not what we’re here for, at least today. TAA make songs that don’t really have a chorus, instead they build incrementally as layer upon layer is added to the rich sonic mosaic. Jamie Clarke’s vocals are uncompromising and direct, providing a human angle to the swirling instrumentation. Marc Gallagher directs proceedings from his drum stool, the brewing storm never deflecting him from his important role. Patterns provides a rolling barrage of creativity with the pockets of melodies adding the necessary sweetness and light.

Jamie spoke to us recently about Patterns:

“For our second EP we wanted it to be quite a departure from the first one as regards sound. ‘Fragile Things’ had a real lo-fi element to the way in which it was recorded and produced and we wanted to have a more textured sound on the second one.

For ‘Patterns’, we had a lot more time on our hands and decided to become more involved with making it a denser affair.

When the time comes to record the album we’ll hopefully incorporate both styles of recording together with the addition of the instruments and knowledge we’re picking up on our way.

Until then, we hope everyone enjoys this little snapshot of where we’re at, at the moment.


Here’s The Striking Video To Devil In The Detail


Leonard’s Lair

…a dense framework of gorgeous noise…


Mojophenia, Revista69.

2 thoughts on “The Ambience Affair – Patterns”

  1. See, for the past couple of months, I’ve loved the hard copy of PP. Yep…right up until last night when I caught the tune showcasing on CSI. Don’t know what CBS did to it, but the original version is now ruined for me. It’s just not the same rich, clear, multi-layered, gut-wrenching tune I heard last night. It’s weak & Jamie, who has such a fab voice, sounds like someone’s shoved a duvet in his gob. Sack the mixing-grunt, guys. He/she’s not done you any favours on this one. Sorry :(

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