The Very Most – Summer

We think the best time of the year to listen to indie pop is during the summer. What better way to experience sweet melodies than when the sun is shining and most people are on a 2 week sabbatical away from crust earning activity. This year our mission was to source the perfect summer soundtrack and we could think of no better band to achieve that aspiration than the Very Most. The Idaho outfit have had a productive 2009 with ‘Summer’ representing the 2nd instalment of a 4 part seasonal themed project they’ve undertaken with indiecater (titled A Year With The Very Most). With the Very Most the rewards are instant (and enduring), their lyrics are universally joyous and the instrumentation is masterfully tailored by chief song writer Jeremy Jensen. We always find it a little incomprehensible that their pop nuggets aren’t the stuff of daytime radio playlist makers dreams. We’d love you to spread the word because the world needs tunes like these to cheer it up.

As ever you can listen to every song on this release and even download the sunshinetastic ‘You’re In Love With The Sun’ for free. If you’re suitably impressed at that stage all you have to do is part with €2.50 and all 4 tracks will be yours forever!

A big thank you to Julia Green for creating the EP’s wonderful artwork. If you’d like to read the lyrics from the EP click here.



‘…gently tailored pop touched by magic.’

Another Form of Relief

‘…a thing of beauty…’


‘will have you dreaming of sunny, sandy beaches and carefree days of youth…’

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6 thoughts on “The Very Most – Summer”

  1. Excellent stuff!

    Whenever I’m working on my own music I stop by your site to clear my pallet of my own style of music as well as to remind myself that the hard work is worth it.

    Best wishes,

  2. ‘Summer’ is amazing. I’m certain that playing this it in the doldrums of winter will help anyone find their inner summer joy. Hard to decide which song is my favorite. Right now, I’m going to say ‘Motor-Vue Lights’ Thanks Jeremy and Co.

  3. Really upbeat happy stuff. Goes perfect with a barbecue and a post-football match party.

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