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Fancy the funky new indiecater USB memory key? It costs just €8 (blank, add albums to the shopping cart to have the USB keys loaded with songs!) and comes with a memory capacity of 1GB. That should be more than enough to store over 150 high quality mp3s! It’s also plug and play, which means that once you stick it into your computer or stereo it’s a breeze to transfer songs and artwork. What’s more you can use it over and over again to move whatever files you like.

Special Offer: Now you can get this USB key and have it loaded with your 3 favourite indiecater releases for only €15! This is inclusive of worldwide delivery.

There are the releases you can choose from:

Sunbear – Bits
Indiecater Volume IV
Candy Claws – In The Dream Of The Sea Life
Adam & Darcie – California Trail
Elephant Stone – The Seven Seas
South Ambulance – EP#5
The Rest – Everyone All At Once
The Very Most – Summer
The Ambience Affair – Fragile Things
South Ambulance – EP#4
The Van Allen Belt – Meal Ticket To Purgatory
Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – Senor, My Friend…
In Motion – The Language of Everyday Life
The Very Most – Spring & Remixes
Folklore – The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman
Burning Codes – Burning Codes
An Indiecater Christmas
The Brilliant Trees – Friday Night
Michael Knight – Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Indiecater Vol. 3
Sunbear – Sunbear
Red Star Belgrade – Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine
Indiecater Vol. 2
Indiecater Vol. 1

Just enter the name of the 3 releases you want loaded onto the USB key below and press the add to cart button!

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Album 3

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