Candy Claws

Kay and Ryan

The Story So Far…

Candy Claws came about through magic and physics, which are opposites but that is the miracle. The two of us recorded Starry Fighter Kite first, back in 2007. It’s a hazy time in memory, like the moments when the universe was only a Planck length in size and one unit of Planck time old. We can guess at what happened, but everyone must admit its mystery. All we can remember is that we were best friends who loved making music, and Candy Claws was mostly inevitable.

The band is an experiment to discover what Dream Pop really sounds like. We’ve embraced the pop format because it’s one of the most fascinating challenges in music – to create pop songs that explore new realms of sound. We spent our first two years as a band recording In the Dream of the Sea Life, which is a musical companion to Rachel Carson’s 1951 book, “The Sea Around Us”. In the summer of 2008 we traveled to Italy with Kay’s art class, and recorded some ocean sounds for the album, and in October Ryan went to the Philippines to meet his extended family for the first time, and captured more sounds of the sea. The album is a hymn to the sea, the sound of the mystery of the deep.

With Candy Claws, we’re making music to explore the miracle of a living planet. It’s fascinating to be a living being in a living world. Considering that most of space is empty (or filled with dark matter and energy, if you’re into those things) and 99% of species that have ever lived are now extinct, it’s very special to be one of the living species, especially one that makes music. Our next album is a musical companion to a book called “The Secret Life of the Forest”. After that, we’ll still make musical companions to things, just not always a book about a certain ecosystem. Maybe a chart of the Hydra constellation, maybe the Triassic period itself.

Come with us on an unforgettable journey through the incredible mysteries of the world around us! There is so much to explore!

-Kay and Ryan, October 2009

2 thoughts on “Candy Claws”

  1. Hey Guys!

    Wonderful music. Put you up on my blog a while back ( and still can’t get enough. Funny enough, you played a show with my older brother (Ben from Lil’ SLugger)… wish I went. Anyways, hit me up via if you would be interested in a small interview. It’s a fill it out/send it back kind of interview. I’ll explain better later.

    Hope to hear from you guys! -Jake-

  2. Hey Jake, thanks for the review. I’ve passed on your interview request to Candy Claws. They’ll be in touch soon. Kevin

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