Golden Ages – Tradition

Golden Ages - Tradition

Quite ironic that this album sees us break from our traditional view of the world (indie/jangle pop) given its title but then it’s impossible to
resist rampant creativity whatever its form. Golden Ages is the work of one young man from Philadelphia named Francis Tseng who pulled this illuminating piece of work together from the comfortable surrounds of his college dorm. We’ll never know how he managed to drag himself away from such high definition sound for the joys of note taking but the point is they’ve arrived as fully fledged looped electronic epics. Tradition is big, bold and wonderful and we think you’ll be mightily impressed.

Here is Francis with some background on his project:

I’m from Philadelphia, I’ve been producing music for a couple of years now. Golden Ages is only about a year old now – when I first started making music I was only really interested in producing electronic dance music but I got really fed up with it and wanted to make something more organic and less plastic. But i’m still really interested in rhythm so there’s still a dancing aspect to the new music. Most of all I wanted to create a new world, in a way, as some kind of escape and as an intangible way to connect to others. I produce and record everything in my bedroom; i’m still in college so i can’t really afford real studio time or anything.

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  1. Dude love the album! Keep up the great work. It’s getting played on radio’s all the way out in Aus, big fan.

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