The Very Most – Winter

As you’ve probably heard me say before the Very Most are perfectly calibrated for singing about Christmas. Might be their love of sleigh bells, might be their joyful lyrics but there is something inherently festive about this Idaho band. And while their final EP with us this year may be thematically based on the Winter season it definitely boasts a genuine yuletide feeling throughout. You’ll know the opening track ‘Away In A Manger’, unless this is your first Christmas in which case let me tell you this is how indie pop should sound, yet this version has been elegantly recast by the band to leave only traces of the original. It a funky little thing and sets the scene for the rest of this snow flecked EP which you can buy for just 2 euro.

P.S. If you’ve missed Spring, Summer and Autumn and would like to buy Winter also why not make use of our discount code trindiecater wherein you’ll receive 10% off the total price!


For Folks Sake

…should have even the most vehement Christmas-haters a-clicking their fingers…

Russell’s Reviews

…it’s a divine thing that shimmers incandescently…


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  1. Jeff,

    The EP can be streamed on the player above, where you’ll find all the track titles.


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