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Boca Chica becomes the second band from Pittsburgh on Indiecater and naturally we’re giddy with excitement. The collective headed by singer Hallie Pritts may already be familiar to those who heard our last Christmas compilation for they contributed the seasonal delight that was Snow Angels. The Valentine EP is our full-scale attempt to introduce you to the bands sumptuous sound. Each of the 5 songs on this release is rich in instrumental detail, pickled with sweet melodies and will provide an indulgent massage for your senses. We purposely chose Valentine’s Day to release the EP but it will sound wonderful all year round.

Hallie recently gave us the lowdown on what they’ve been up to of late.

Holy cow, has 2010 been exciting so far. First of all: SNOW. Pittsburgh is currently buried under 2 feet of the stuff and it’s been one long snow day all week. Neat. Except when you have to figure out how to haul an upright bass 3 blocks to your car. Secondly, we just shot a stop motion music video for “Like Sheep in the Night”. Our genius movie-making friends are currently drinking too much coffee and over-consuming nicotine to get it finished and we just can’t wait to see it. Also, we’ve been doing some collaborating with our Pittsburgh partners in indie rock, Lohio. We just recorded a song with them called “Afternoon Tea”. It’s not out yet, but I will say that we managed to run a pedal steel through a broken wha pedal with heavenly results.

But by far, the most stupendous event of 2010 so far, is releasing our Valentine EP with Indiecater. We’re dancing in our snow covered streets with the joy of it. And Valentine includes some of the best Boca Chica material yet (if I do say so myself). The whole recording process was pretty epic (10 different musicians and a bunch of different locations in two different cities) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. Boca Chica is currently made up of myself, Susanna Meyer, Jeff Baron, Ricky Moslen, and James Hart, but Valentine also includes a whole host of talented musician friends from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Even if no one else ever heard this EP, I would still be ecstatic to have it in my possession as a sort of aural picture book of my friends and the whole Pittsburgh independent music scene. But we think you’ll enjoy it too! Happy Valentines Day, everybody!

– Hallie Pritts, February 2010


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