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In The Dream Of The Sea Life Front Cover

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You know the score at this stage. Indiecater releases something and a couple of seconds later it is playing on your music player. That’s the immediacy of downloads and it is also the reason we have been able to keep our prices low. Despite all the advantages of mp3s though they are not the prettiest things to show your friends what a beacon of cool you are. Lots of you have told us this and today we are moving into stage two in the evolution of the label. From mid October we will be in possession of our first run of CD’s, a couple of weeks later the second release to be given the physical treatment will arrive. Our first foray is what we are here for today however and it is the CD version of Candy Claw’s ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’. Hopefully at this stage you’ve established how great the Fort Collins act are, the reviews alone will show you we are not alone in our love of them. Their CD will be selling for €9 (which will include worldwide postage) but you can pre-order it for €8 today and as soon as the stock arrives we will post it on to you. Your pre-order will also include the download version of the album so you can enjoy it straight away before giving it the full stereo treatment in October.

Indiecater Volume IV

Indiecater Vol. 4 Front Cover

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Listen To The Whole Compilation!
[audio: Talvik – My James Dean.mp3, – Politis.mp3, Band – Aggravate.mp3, – Dominoes.mp3, – Times Are Changing.mp3, Museum – Warning Bells.mp3, Love Language – Lalita.mp3, Belfast – Underwear.mp3, Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death.mp3, – Ms. Bentwich.mp3, Uglysuit – Chicago.mp3, – Tear Down The Tents.mp3, – Billie Holiday.mp3, Nielson – Love Song To Chan Marshall.mp3, Jane – Blackboots And Blackhearts.mp3, – Twice Upon A Time.mp3, – Solitude.mp3, – Out Of Marseille.mp3, Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships.mp3|titles=My James Dean, Politis, Aggravate, Dominoes, Times Are Changing, Warning Bells, Lalita, Underwear, A Dance To Half Death, Ms. Bentwich, Chicago, Tear Down The Tents, Billie Holiday, Love Song To Chan Marshall, Blackboots And Blackhearts, Twice Upon A Time, Solitude, Out Of Marseille, Guilt Trips Sink Ships|artists=Sofia Talvik, Subplots, Marching Band, Office, Languis, Mitchell Museum, The Love Language, FM Belfast, The Second Hand Marching Band, Princeton, The Uglysuit, Roofwalkers, Warpaint, Black Nielson, Sweet Jane, Zinedines, Delorentos, Honeyheads, Shout Out Out Out Out]
Free Download: Sweet Jane – Blackboots & Blackhearts

Indiecater Volume IV is our fifth compilation (the links to its predecessors are in the sidebar) and is probably our most ambitious one so far with a total of 19 tracks featuring the cream of the underground. Most of the tracks are of the indie rock/jangle pop variety although there are dashes of electronica and experimentation throughout. The hope is that it will give some much deserved exposure to these great artists and encourage people like you into further investigation of their back catalogue. Every one of the songs has appeared on our sister blog mp3hugger at one stage or another so we are delighted to make an official statement of our love for them! The majority of the sale price goes directly back to the bands so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting independent music. Included in the download bundle are all 19 tracks, the original artwork and an information sheet.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the contributing artists and their gracious labels for making this compilation possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have putting it all together.

Here is the full tracklisting (the first digital comp with 2 sides!)

Side A

1 Sofia Talvik – My James Dean (Stockholm)
2 Subplots – Politis (Dublin)
3 Marching Band – Aggravate (Linköping)
4 Office – Dominoes (Detroit)
5 Languis – Times Are Changing (Buenos Aires)
6 Mitchell Museum – Warning Bells (Glasgow)
7 The Love Language – Lalita (Chapel Hill)
8 FM Belfast – Underwear (Reykjavík)
9 The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death (Glasgow)

Side B

10 Princeton – Ms. Bentwich (Eagle Rock)
11 The Uglysuit – Chicago (Oklahoma)
12 Roofwalkers – Tear Down The Tents (Washington)
13 Warpaint – Bille Holiday (Los Angeles)
14 Black Nielson – Love Song To Chan Marshall (Southampton)
15 Sweet Jane – Blackboots & Blackhearts (Dublin)
16 Zinedines – Twice Upon A Time (Muro)
17 Delorentos – Solitude (Dublin)
18 Honeyheads – Out Of Marseille (Hamburg)
19 Shout Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships (Edmonton)

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…plenty of underground gems…

Primeros Pasitos, Thumped, Hits In The Car, Strange Glue.

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Candy Claws – In The Dream Of The Sea Life

Candy Claws - In The Dream Of The Sea Life

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Play The Whole Album!
[audio: Claws – Diving Knife.MP3, Claws – Lantern Fish.MP3, Claws – Starry Fighter Kite.MP3, Claws – Catamaran.MP3, Claws – The Sun Is My Girl.MP3, Claws – Flashy Storm.MP3, Claws – Island Grows.MP3, Claws – Snowflake Eel Wish.MP3, Claws – Not Strange Winged Snail.MP3, Claws – Snowy Shores.MP3|titles=Diving Knife, Lantern Fish, Starry Fighter Kite, Catamaran, The Sun Is My Girl, Flashy Storm, Island Grows, Snowflake Eel Wish, Not Strange Winged Snail, Snowy Shores]
Free Download: Candy Claws – Catamaran

We found Candy Claws bathing in the waters off San Esteban near the shimmering Panda Valentine archipelago and they quickly stole our hearts. Their debut album is our first dip into electronica and we think you’ll be enamoured. You know how that genre sometimes gives the impression that the machines hold sway, well ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’ wrestles the initiative firmly back in our favour. When you hear the ocean, it’s actually the sound of real ocean and those vocals, although somewhat digitised, are so inherently human it makes you feel good to be on the right side of artificiality. What is he talking about I hear you say; well this is just an ordinary man exuberant on the heart wrenching persuasion of this album. I listen and I sink into bliss. ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’ is as innovative as it is tuneful and in our estimation is one of 2009’s finest works. The album has been completely remastered for the occasion including brand new artwork.

As a special treat we have a limited edition CD, signed by the band, to give away to 10 people. The winners will be picked at random from those who buy the album over the next few weeks.

Ryan from Candy Claws now tells us the story behind ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’.

Aloha! Ryan here from Candy Claws. A little about ourselves and the album… Kay and I spent our first two years as a band writing and recording the music. It always had a nautical theme, perhaps because of the mystery of the ocean. Then I discovered Rachel Carson’s book, ‘The Sea Around Us’, hidden away on a shelf at my grandparents’ house, and the whole album came into focus. Miss Carson’s book, though scientific non-fiction, is imbued with such beauty and mystery, written in such elegant prose it feels more like poetry, a hymn to the sea. That’s what we were feeling for in our recordings, too, so we decided to make the album a ‘musical companion’ to the book. In June of 2008, Kay and I went to Italy with her high school art class, and recorded ocean sounds on the shores of Portovenere and Monterosso. Then in October I went to the Philippines with my mom, sister, and grandmother to meet our extended family for the first time. I recorded more ocean sounds at San Fernando and San Esteban on the island of Luzon. It was important to us to include sounds we had recorded ourselves, in places we loved, because sound effects tend to be gimmicky, but this way it seemed a lot more personal, and it’s exciting to be able to say the album was recorded in three different countries! Anyway, we made all the music in Fort Collins at a place called Flashy Storm, which is also called Ryan’s Bedroom when I go to sleep. Our favorite bands at the time, who really influenced the sound: the Beach Boys, Starflyer 59, the Lassie Foundation, My Bloody Valentine, Cornelius, and maybe you can guess a few more? Well, thanks for listening! See you soon!

Watch The Video To Catamaran!

(If you’d like to download this video and have bought the album just get in touch and we’ll send it on!)

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Asleep On The Compost Heap

…it’s gorgeous…it’s the real deal…

Forest Gospel

…a completely wonderful surprise…

Knox Road

…incredible island-infused dream pop…


…I can safely put this on the “Best of 2009″ list…

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Adam & Darcie – California Trail

Adam & Darcie - California Trail

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Have you heard many records lately that feel just at home when the sun is warm as when the snowflakes are about to form? Not many I’d wager but ‘California Trail’ is about to seamlessly fill that gap in your music collection. Adam & Darcie are a husband and wife team so it seems particularly apt that their vocals should complement each other so irresistibly. Both take on lead vocals at various points throughout but it is rare to find one voice operating unaccompanied. This is an album full of lush harmonies, delicate (and often intricate) instrumentation and a running order that never breaks the beautifully soothing flow. As the world around gets increasingly besotted by electro retro giddiness Adam & Darcie’s sophomore proves to be a calming antidote. ‘California Trail’ is getting its debut on indiecater, something that makes us feel very proud. We hope you like it as much as we do.

We recently asked Adam and Darcie to give us the lowdown on their writing and recording process and here’s what they said.

Adam and Darcie on writing:

Darcie: I’m very melody driven. Adam can construct a beautiful guitar part but until it has a strong melody that I can’t resist singing, it’s like a faceless person. Often, when I write a song I start with the melody.

Adam: For me it’s usually a matter of picking up a guitar and letting my fingers do whatever they want until something is sparked. After being moulded a while you start to see a song come to life. It’s always exciting to see what they’re going to be like, like they have a personality of they’re own. It’s also a great release in that you can express, comment, lament, celebrate, etc. whatever is going on in and around you in an almost subconscious way.

Adam and Darcie on recording:

Darcie: I usually saunter in, tell Adam to push the button, do a take, and then go back to my knitting. Truthfully, Adam is responsible for the flesh and bones of every song. Sometimes it takes a really long time because I’ll keep cracking up about a bum note or get defensive when Adam tells me I need another take. My parts usually get laid down 3/4 of the way into a song and Adam will then write a few more cool instrumentations over them.

Adam: At home. In the living room. The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc. In the spaces we live. As a result you can occasionally hear a chair squeak, or on our new album, the sound of our son in the background… they’re very subtle, and few and far between but when they’re there it doesn’t bother me.

Listen To California Trail!

[audio: And Darcie – The Fox Hare And Doe.mp3, And Darcie – Never Been A Pilot.mp3, And Darcie – Hands-Mind.mp3, And Darcie – Festival.mp3, And Darcie – I Need To Let Go Of What I Won’t Miss.mp3, And Darcie – Nowhere No One.mp3, And Darcie – All I Ever Do Is Fall.mp3, And Darcie – National Forest.mp3, And Darcie – Before It’s Better.mp3, And Darcie – California Trail.mp3, And Darcie – Steep Hollow.mp3, And Darcie – Grass Valley.mp3, And Darcie – Gold Hill.mp3|titles=The Fox Hare And Doe, Never Been A Pilot, Hands/Mind, Festival, I Need To Let Go Of What I Won’t Miss, Nowhere No One, All I Ever Do Is Fall, National Forest, Before It’s Better, California Trail, Steep Hollow, Grass Valley, Gold Hill]

Free Download: Adam & Darcie – Hands/Mind

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The Churn

…Joy Zipper-esque warm indiepop…

Glorious Noise

…lovely, orchestral pop…

Tenacious T, Scottish Friction, Lito Music, Das Klienicum, The Velvet Rut.

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Elephant Stone – The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas

Fans of a certain act from Manchester should be wearing a broad smile on seeing the name of this band. And if you are at all partial to tunes that are embellished with rolling harmonies and flowing jangle that particular facial expression should remain steady over the course of ‘The Seven Seas’ (it’s a Polaris Prize nominee after all!). Rishi Dhir is a veteran of the music scene, although ‘The Seven Seas’ is his first record since leaving the High Dials in 2006. Sounds to us like the break has done him real good because Rishi has managed to whip up an album of jangle pop delights with Elephant Stone. Not only that but he has also put his recent immersion into the world of the sitar to great use, with those Eastern influences forming an integral part of the album. ‘The Seven Seas’ is awash with great moments and its arrival at this time of the year means that summer just got a whole lot brighter. You can download the album and artwork for just €4, a small price to have you kissing the cotton clouds.

Listen To The Seven Seas!

[audio: Stone – Bombs Bomb Away.mp3, Stone – How Long.mp3, Stone – I Am Blind.mp3, Stone – The Seven Seas.mp3, Stone – The Straight Line.mp3, Stone – Blood From A Stone.mp3, Stone – Oh Heartbreaker.mp3, Stone – A Morning Song.mp3, Stone – Don’t You Know.mp3|titles=Bombs Bomb Away, How Long, I Am Blind, The Seven Seas, The Straight Line, Blood From A Stone, Oh Heartbreaker, A Morning Song, Don’t You Know]

Free Download: Elephant Stone – I Am Blind

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Quick Critique

…drifting from bliss to euphoria…

The Decibel Tolls

…punchy jangle pop and Indian-chic psychedelic flourishes…

Waved Rumor

…summery pop anthems…

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South Ambulance – EP#5

South Ambulance - EP#5

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EP#5 from South Ambulance and there’s a sea change occurring. The melodies are still in abundance but this time they come fitted with a more pervasive sense of melancholy. If you peruse the lyric sheet from our past encounters there’s no mistaking that despite their hook filled tunes South Ambulance certainly have a skewed view of the world. You could miss it though as so often the words are masked by a jangling gaiety. EP#5 sees the gloom spread its tentacles and while the tunes are as pristine as ever you may find less occasion to grab your partner by the hand. The download bundle also includes two jaunty tracks called ‘Circling With Thee’ and ‘Rabid Ghost’ which up to this point were unreleased. Their spiralling choruses are worth the price of the EP alone. We adore South Ambulance, we really do. The hope is that you will too.

Rather than convolute with their thoughts on EP#5 South Ambulance decided that this quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘A Descent Into The Maelstrom’ would suffice.

“Our first slide into the abyss itself, from the belt of foam above, had carried us to a great distance down the slope; but our farther descent was by no means proportionate. Round and round we swept – not with any uniform movement – but in dizzying swings and jerks, that sent us sometimes only a few hundred yards – sometimes nearly the complete circuit of the whirl. Our progress downward, at each revolution, was slow, but very perceptible.”


1) Dear Mutiny
2) They Stick Together
3) What The Doctor Said
4) The Stay Away
5) Circling With Thee
6) Rabid Ghost

Listen To EP#5!

[audio: Ambulance – Dear Mutiny.mp3, Ambulance – They Stick Together.mp3, Ambulance – What The Doctor Said.mp3, Ambulance – The Stay Away.mp3, Ambulance – Circling With Thee.mp3, Ambulance – Rabid Ghost.mp3|titles=Dear Mutiny, They Stick Together, What The Doctor Said, The Stay Away, Circling With Thee, Rabid Ghost]

Free Download: South Ambulance – Dear Mutiny

You can listen to and purchase South Ambulance’s last EP with us (EP#4) over here.

Press Quotes

Citizen Dick

‘…bouncing bass line, softly delineated harmonies, catchy-as-hell melody and spiraling, gorgeous closing moments…’

Eardrums Music

‘…I liked South Ambulance in their Labrador days, but I think they are even better in 2009…’

Indie Music Filter

‘…love how this gloomy almost sea-shanty builds while maintaining that 6 beat clang…’

Pasta Primavera, Tenacious Timothy, 5acts, Eldur Og Is, Soundsxp, Indie-mp3, Bleek Spook, Das Klienicum, Swear I’m Not Paul, Indiependent Music

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The Rest – Everyone All At Once

The Rest - Everyone All At Once

It’s been a couple of years since that great Canadian invasion, a remarkable period around the middle of the decade when it appeared as if
every new exciting act emanated from that part of the world. Things have quietened considerably but now and then something wonderful emerges. Hamilton is at the epicentre this time and the Rest are the ones pulling the strings. Curiously we came to know about this collective via their electronica side project Allegories but one listen to ‘Walk On Water’ quickly had us refocusing. The song is taken from the bands second album ‘Everyone All At Once’ which has been blessed with an epic grandeur that reveals umpteen secrets on close inspection. It is hymnal and flamboyant at the same time and evokes early U2 and that great fire of 2005 while still carefully negotiating its own path. We’ve been in touch with front man Adam Bentley for a couple of years but when we suggested that he consider digitally releasing ‘Everyone All At Once’ through indiecater we weren’t necessarily expecting a positive. When it arrived we quickly scanned the nearest thesaurus to find ingenious words that could adequately describe this wonderful album. Unfortunately they haven’t been invented yet so you’ll have to take our word for it. If that’s not worth the web it’s written on then you can stream the whole album to make up your own mind!

But first here is Adam giving us some of his inner thoughts about the record:

Everyone All At Once took shape over a two-year period of writing, recording and being patient. Sparked by a collective need for improvement and progression from out debut album Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour, we headed to a remote family cottage to write and focus on music. The results, we believe, are the best music any of us have been a part of, representing a period of excitement and growth in the band, and for a change this growth does not involve an additional member joining our ranks.

This is an album that we feel as strongly about each and every track, and in a world of expanding music more focused on the quick instant pleasures, we hope that you can completely fall into these pieces, finding new ways to listen, and varied interpretations around each word, tone, rhythm and melody.’

Listen To Everyone All At Once!

[audio: Rest – Coughing Blood-Fresh Mountain Air.mp3, Rest – Modern Time Travel (Necessities).mp3, Rest – Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing.mp3, Rest – Phonetically Phonetically.mp3, Rest – Apples & Allergies.mp3, Rest – Drinking Again.mp3, Rest – Blossom Babies Part Two.mp3, Rest – Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings).mp3, Rest – The Lady Vanishes.mp3, Rest – Everything All At Once.mp3,|titles=Coughing Blood/Fresh Mountain Air, Modern Time Travel (Necessities), Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing, Phonetically Phonetically, Apples & Allergies, Drinking Again, Blossom Babies Part Two, Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings), The Lady Vanishes, Everything All At Once]

Press Quotes

Indie Rock Cafe

‘…full of harmonies, melodies and day-dream symphonies…’


‘…the band’s melodies move along like ocean waves…’

Bringer of Song

‘…a cinematic energy, a driving-scene-montage thrum to the song that pulls me in…’

Leonard’s Lair, Side One: Track One, Stop Sleeping, Yo, Swear I’m Not Paul

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The Very Most – Summer

The Very Most - Summer

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We think the best time of the year to listen to indie pop is during the summer. What better way to experience sweet melodies than when the sun is shining and most people are on a 2 week sabbatical away from crust earning activity. This year our mission was to source the perfect summer soundtrack and we could think of no better band to achieve that aspiration than the Very Most. The Idaho outfit have had a productive 2009 with ‘Summer’ representing the 2nd instalment of a 4 part seasonal themed project they’ve undertaken with indiecater (part one is here). With the Very Most the rewards are instant (and enduring), their lyrics are universally joyous and the instrumentation is masterfully tailored by chief song writer Jeremy Jensen. We always find it a little incomprehensible that their pop nuggets aren’t the stuff of daytime radio playlist makers dreams. We’d love you to spread the word because the world needs tunes like these to cheer it up.

As ever you can listen to every song on this release and even download the sunshinetastic ‘You’re In Love With The Sun’ for free. If you’re suitably impressed at that stage all you have to do is part with €2.50 and all 4 tracks will be yours forever!

A big thank you to Julia Green for creating the EP’s wonderful artwork. If you’d like to read the lyrics from the EP click here.

Listen To Summer!

[audio: Very Most – Road Trip.mp3, Very Most – The Motor-Vue Lights.mp3, Very Most – You’re In Love With The Sun.mp3, Very Most – Fireworks.mp3|titles=A Mid-80s Lower-Middle Class Family Summer Road Trip, The Motor-Vue Lights, You’re In Love With The Sun, Fireworks]

Free Download: The Very Most – You’re In Love With The Sun

***Spring/Summer EP Deal***

Add the Spring & Summer EP’s to your shopping cart and use the discount code ‘springsummer’ to get 50 cents off the total price. That’s 2 EP’s for €4.50!!

Press Quotes


‘…gently tailored pop touched by magic.’

Another Form of Relief

‘…a thing of beauty…’


‘will have you dreaming of sunny, sandy beaches and carefree days of youth…’

Quick Critique, Popistant, Tenacious T, Russell’s Reviews, I Am The Crime, 180 Grados Largehearted Boy, The Culture of Me, Lito Music, Swear I’m Not Paul

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The Ambience Affair – Fragile Things

The Ambience Affair - Fragile Things EP

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There is nothing more satisfying for a music blogger than to be there at the beginning of something special. It has happened once already and our instincts are telling us that lightning could be about to strike again with this new duo from Meath/Dublin called The Ambience Affair. Jamie Clarke and Marc Gallagher have only been playing together for a few months but their debut recording is something to behold. The 4 track ‘Fragile Things’ EP was released as a handmade limited edition in February and we got wind of the title track soon afterwards. My first impression was that it didn’t sound like an Irish band, especially one taking its first tentative steps. Here were 2 young lads sculpting experimental sounds that on closer inspection also revealed wonderful tuneage. That the instrumentation is mostly acoustic makes what happens sound all the more exciting. Add in Jamie’s intense vocal bursts and you have a recipe that will have the listener salivating for the Ambience Affairs’ next bold move. The sparkle is evident for all to see and we’re confident that this is the beginning of something really special.

Jamie gave us a bio for the band and an account of how the EP was made.

“The Ambience Affair are a two-piece from Meath/Dublin who combine looped vocals & guitars together with driving rhythms to create songs that are both captivating and original. The EP ‘Fragile Things’ was recorded in 3 days in Dublin and was the band’s first ever experience recording.They’ve been together 10 months after Jamie met Marc in the music shop Jamie had just started working in. Jamie was looking for a drummer previous to this and Marc came to one of his solo gigs and decided there was enough there to start the band.

(Now on to first person)

The EP itself is something we’re both really proud of. I can still put it on the stereo and enjoy it so either I’m really egotistical or it’s not a bad collection of songs. The reviews we received for it have been really great. The general consensus has been ‘A promising start’, and that’s a line we’re really comfortable with. We feel we’re still such a young band and are learning about so much everyday. Live, I think there may be one gig so far where I haven’t fucked up a loop or the song in some way. The mistakes are almost part of who we are and there’s a couple we left in on the EP that happened naturally. We’re really excited about the future and hope that the EP is a little taster of what’s to come.


Listen To The Fragile Things EP!

[audio: Ambience Affair – Vacant Hearts.mp3, Ambience Affair – Fragile Things.mp3, Ambience Affair – The Great Enchanted.mp3, Ambience Affair – I Recoil.mp3|titles=Vacant Hearts, Fragile Things, The Great Enchanted, I Recoil]

Free Download: The Ambience Affair – Fragile Things

Press Quotes


‘Layered guitar over immediate vocals and tight-as-a-duck’s-arse drums…’

love shack, baby

‘it’s happy/sad/angry all at the same time and it makes me want to dance and cry…’

Swear I’m Not Paul, Largehearted Boy

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South Ambulance – EP#4

South Ambulance - EP#4

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Ever since we laid ears on ‘Die 5times Times5’ back in 2005 we knew this band were special. Who else could pour vitriol so eloquently within the confines of a shoegazetastic tune? The track was taken from South Ambulance’s self-titled debut and what a magical piece of work it was (much like everything that Labrador turns its hand to in fact). Fast forward 4 years and it really puts a siren in our emergency vehicle to be able to offer up the bands latest series of EP’s. EP#5 and EP#6 will be along later in the year but for now we can celebrate in the melody doused aroma of EP#4. South Ambulance come from Sweden so you know the goods on offer will be quality. What makes this digital release even sweeter is the bonus track ‘Kinky Love’. This is a cover of the venerable Pale Saints track (which in itself was a cover of the Nancy Sinatra original) and is every bit as good as the original. And as an ageing shoegaze fan myself I feel comfortable in that assertion. EP#4 costs just €2.50 which makes it cheaper than chips and a good deal less fattening.

We spoke to the band recently and they told us about the EP.

“Hello everybody. Sitting in the attic among our half forgotten fortune telling accessories on one particularly windy night, we decided to lay some cards. After some turning and reading in the halflight it was clear it’s high time you all heard more from us, South Ambulance. While we were at it we dusted our age old Ouija board as well to give it a go. It repeatedly spelled out the well-used number 3, and so this is the number of EPs we’ve recorded, and which we’re proud to release through Indiecater this spring. We’re starting out with EP#4, which contains songs of little contemplations on death, desperate space travelling, and sudden ageing.

What’s new? First, we’re very happy with the production (deeper depths, wider widths, higher heights etc), since the ideas came out very well on tape. We’ve used quite a lot of shimmering upright piano this time, which can be heard on all three EPs. Some would say the beats are groovier than before. We don’t mind, they’re quite right. There are also a couple of surprises for your ears on each EP, on this first one for example, you can hear time pass. And stop.

We’ll be back with some more well chosen words when EP#5 is due, until then, enjoy.

/South Ambulance, March 2009”

Listen To EP#4!

[audio: Ambulance – Davy Crockett.mp3, Ambulance – King Of Geeks.mp3, Ambulance – Flowers.mp3, Ambulance – I Think Of Death.mp3, Ambulance – Kinky Love.mp3|titles=Davy Crockett, King Of Geeks, Flowers, I Think Of Death, Kinky Love]

Free Download: South Ambulance – Davy Crockett

EP#4 Also Available Here!

* South Ambulance - Ep#4 * emusic * amazonmp3 * lala * napster * shockhound * amiest *

Press Quotes


‘blissful 13 and a bit minutes…’


‘Friendly, skewed, comfortably messy, unexpectedly melodic…’

How Marvellous

‘it’s all tuneful & harmonious & vocal ‘ba ba ba’s’…’

Indie Surfer, Indiependent Music, The Velvet Rut, Lyrique La Discorde, Burning World, Coast Is Clear, bleek spook

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The Van Allen Belt – Meal Ticket To Purgatory

The Van Allen Belt - Meal Ticket To Purgatory

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The Van Allen Belt are quite unlike any other band you’ll hear this year (or any year for that matter) and your first impression could well be quite different from the one you harbour after several listens. When I bask in their lavish productions I always think of Motown (a peculiarly indie brand it must be said). Now my knowledge of that particular genre isn’t exactly stellar but there ain’t no mountain high enough to dispel those thoughts. The other thing that’ll strike you about the Pittsburgh collective is their lyrics which are soaked in a most cerebral brand of satire (reminise about that soundtrack to ‘The Life of Brian’). So while you style your beehive you’ll chuckle at the gloriously lobbed potshots emanating from your stereo. ‘Meal Ticket To Purgatory’ is a hugely ambitious work and one you may struggle to digest in one sitting but there are modern classics peppered throughout. The album was originally released in 2007 but we believe it deserves a second airing and a much wider audience. The Van Allen Belt are currently putting the finishing touches to their sophomore so this should keep you entertained until it arrives. The download bundle comes complete with the music, artwork and lyrics.

Here is Ben from the band and his version of events that lead to the recording of this album.

‘I began working on PURGATORY shortly after I was fired from the bar I had worked at. After performing for a couple years in avant-garde acts that seemed to change names every show, I wanted to do something more accessible. Perhaps, something I could live off of. So I recruited 3 musicians I’d worked with the previous year on an awful experimental album and set off to make something “listenable”. Tamar Kamin had worked with me a few times before on soundtracks, but never anything with lyrics. Scott Taylor was a longtime friend and film school classmate. And Martine Mancini had also been a friend for a while and, of all things, the former roommate of the girl who never moved to Vancouver with me.

The first cut we finished was ‘So It Goes’. When we recorded it I was actually living paycheck to paycheck, and unemployment checks at that. I was also working as a lousy freelance videographer and the payments always seemed delayed. People often ask “How did you make Meal Ticket…?” The answer: by borrowing money from friends and sponging off well intentioned people. And then eventually, I had to deliver pizzas again. When I was working, I kept the radio off. It was on the road that I wrote many of the lyrics. When we recorded ‘Alaska Dreamin’’ I really was a pizza guy.

The first mix of ‘So It Goes’ was a little rough, and it became a multiple draft process. In the meantime, we recorded the next two, ‘Charity Sex’ and ‘Way Up’. A moment I will never be able to relive, was the first time I played back ‘Way Up’ and the beat kicked in. It was when I knew we were doing something special.’

Listen to Meal Ticket To Purgatory

[audio: Van Allen Belt – Dr. Layman’s Terms-The Hills Are Alive.mp3, Van Allen Belt – The River Hive.mp3, Van Allen Belt – So It Goes.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Way Up.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Alaska Dreamin’.mp3, Van Allen Belt – The Revolution Will Be Merchandised.mp3, Van Allen Belt – How To Get Along Famously.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Charity Sex.mp3, Van Allen Belt – ‘Twill Always Be Last Sunday.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Baby Boomer Backstroke.mp3, Van Allen Belt – I Can’t Believe You Murdered Me.mp3, Van Allen Belt – For The 20th Time.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Love With A 10 Ft. Pole.mp3, Van Allen Belt – Vancouver.mp3|titles=Dr. Layman’s Terms/The Hills Are Alive, The River Hive, So It Goes, Way Up, Alaska Dreamin’, The Revolution Will Be Merchandised, How To Get Along Famously, Charity Sex, ‘Twill Always Be Last Sunday, Baby Boomer Backstroke, I Can’t Believe You Murdered Me, For The 20th Time, Love With A 10 Ft. Pole, Vancouver]

Free Download: The Van Allen Belt – Baby Boomer Backstroke

Press Quotes

Leonard’s Lair

‘it can still cause a thrill even after a few listens; a testament to the durability of these wonderfully odd songs’

Song, By Toad

‘this is pure mental brilliance’

Pittsburgh City Paper

‘a pleasant, freak-out surprise’


‘as much as it sometimes sounds retro I can’t escape the feeling that the Van Allen Belt are somehow going to form the crux of the future’

Swear I’m Not Paul

‘not sure exactly how to describe it’

Naku Yoru, das klienicum

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Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – Senor, My Friend…

Mumblin' Deaf Ro - Senor, My Friend...

Price: 4 euro (Currency Converter)
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Ireland has produced a skip full of acoustic troubadours and it’s almost a cliché at this stage to scoff. But where there is quantity there will always be gold amongst the silt and over the years Mumblin’ Deaf Ro have proven to be one of this country’s most treasured songwriters. I first became aware of Mumblin’ Deaf Ro when his second album ‘The Herring And The Brine’ was released in 2007. I’ve got to admit that his vocals took a bit of getting used to but his pithy lyrics and imaginative riffage quickly won me over. In fact What’s To Be Done With El Salvador made enough of an impression to become the 4th favourite song of 2007 over on mp3hugger. That discovery led to MDR’s 2003 debut ‘Senor, My Friend…’ and again I was smitten. Ro has a gift for storytelling and his talent ensures that his lyrical jaunts are coloured by wide-eyed instrumental arrangements. Getting to know this album is a real joy and over time you’ll discover your own favourites.

This digital release includes the album and 3 bonus tracks, 2 of which were not on the original release and another which is a solo version of ‘These Men Get Paid To Know’. Also bundled in the download is the original artwork, some photos of Ro from the time and an in-depth analysis from the man himself about each of the tunes. You can sample the whole album and even download ‘The Hero Is A Graduate’ for free on the right sidebar.

Ro spoke to us recently and gave us the background on how ‘Senor My Friend’ came to be.

(In reading this piece, try to picture me being interviewed beside a mixing desk, like on TV – journalists/writers get interviewed in front of bookshelves.)

About six years ago I released ‘Senor, Mr Friend . . .’ and I’m hugely flattered and grateful that mp3hugger has decided to exhume it for this indiecater release.

While recording the album I went through several phases of self-doubt about whether it was just a vanity project, whether the album would sink unnoticed, and whether I’d be able to finish it at all. I had been playing gigs since February 1993 in various bands and, latterly, as a solo act; usually to very small crowds and on a bill with acts that were outrageously incompatible. (Where do all those heavy metal bands come from and why are always next door to me when I rehearse?)

The business of recording music at home with basic equipment and zero expertise is documented on the liner notes of the album itself (included in this download). I started by doing a demo of three songs: ‘Every Now and Then She Gets a Moment’, ‘Keep the Line Movin’ and the ‘Ballad of Lonesome Ray James’. The idea was that I’d hand it around to people and maybe get a few support slots. Alison Curtis from Phantom FM (back when it was a pirate) started playing Keep the Line Movin’ from that demo. Encouraged, I decided to rattle off a few more songs and make it into a longer recording or maybe an album. It was a lot harder than it seemed, and took me about 18 months in total. I recorded during the evenings for the most part, usually when I was quite tired. I made loads of mistakes and changed my mind far too often.

I also had little idea of the work involved in releasing an album. In recent years I have organised a wedding, bought a house, taken on more responsibility at work and completed further study, but none of it compares to the intensity of releasing a record. For instance, the CDs were pressed in the Czech Republic but were impounded at the airport with punitive daily fines; at the same time I was trying to deal with a record number of parliamentary questions (500 on one day) for the then Minister for the Environment, Martin Cullen. There were a huge number of emails, phone calls, dead ends and changes of plan to contend with and amidst it all you try and retain some sense of the artistic serenity that lets you focus on the music itself. It is an exhilarating but extraordinarily vulnerable, and narcissistic, period.

I had hoped to get reviewed in some places as I couldn’t afford to promote the album properly, but it never really occurred to me until the last minute that the reviews could be bad and that I could be humiliated publicly – people in work still thought I was trying to become the next Ronan Keating. In the end it all went well enough. The reviews were kind. I have a theory that if papers like your music they review it if they can, and if they don’t, they don’t – what’s the point in slagging off an act nobody has heard of? The launch night was very special. My girlfriend (now wife) was rushed to hospital just before the gig with chronic stomach pains, but she made it back to good health and to the gig for the encore. It was that sort of night. A small but enthusiastic coterie of fans bought the album and has kept listening to it over the years, which means a lot to me.

In preparing for this re-release I listened back to the album a few times to gauge my reaction to it now. Naturally – like all musicians — I wince at some of the more obvious missed notes and loose timing. I think that the clumsy recording is part of the album’s personality though and that it wouldn’t be same if it were cleaned up. I still love the songs. They were recorded over a spread of years but the bulk of them were written during the four happy years I lived in the city centre of Dublin with two of my closest friends in a non-gay three-man living arrangement. The album recreates that period for me perfectly whenever I listen to it.

Listen to Senor, My Friend..

[audio:’ Deaf Ro – Every Now And Then She Gets A Moment.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – These Men Get Paid To Know.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – Can’t Help Fading To Grey.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – Keep The Line Movin’.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – This Simple Life.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – It Never Even Entered My Mind.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – The Hero Is A Graduate.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – What’s That Sound.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – Caledonian Friend.mp3,’ Deaf Ro – The Ballad of Lonesome Ray James.mp3|titles=Every Now And Then She Gets A Moment, These Men Get Paid To Know, Can’t Help Fading To Grey, Keep The Line Movin’, This Simple Life, It Never Even Entered My Mind, The Hero Is A Graduate, What’s That Sound?, Caledonian Friend, The Ballad Of Lonesome Ray James]

Free Download: Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – The Hero Is A Graduate

Senor, My Friend Also Available Here!
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Press Quotes

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

‘if you like lo-fi finger picking folk, insightful lyrics and beautiful chord progressions then all your Christmases have come at once’


‘Mumblin’ Deaf Ro’s music is of remarkable feeling, imagination and honesty. It gushes pure talent.’

The Irish Times

‘an unfailingly melodic and sometimes moving testament to the power of ingenuity, wit and the Roland VS-880 home recorder. Cherish it.’

Off Her Rocker, das klienicum, Swear I’m Not Paul, Nick Thinks, 2 U I Bestow, State Magazine

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In Motion – The Language of Everyday Life

In Motion - The Language of Everyday Life

Price: 4 euro (Currency Converter)
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If any record deserves to be given a vinyl release it’s this one (we’ll get round to it I promise) as the 8 tracks on ‘The Language of Everyday
Life’ neatly divide into 2 sides. Side A (tracks 1 – 4) is slow and thoughtful, Side B (tracks 5 – 8) is quicker and if anything even more contemplative. This is a magical piece of work that always pops into my head when I think of my favourite albums. And although the production values may have been raw In Motion’s flawless melodies effortlessly banish any misgivings. This is an album of its time and of all time displaying a masterful array of indie pop moments (with a pinch of shoegaze). You’ll find yourself falling in love with the chiming guitars/sweet harmonies or just weeping gently at the plain old heartache that pervades throughout.

What’s even more exciting about this digital reissue is that the band have remastered the original album and given us 2 non album tracks ‘It Takes A Long Time’ and ‘Untitled’ (we haven’t included them on the preview player below so you’ll have to buy the download bundle to hear them). One of these bonus tracks is fast and the other is slow in keeping with the notional split on the original album. So even with economies crashing, companies burning and less money in everyone’s pocket we believe this will be the best 4 euro you spend all year.

We recently spoke to Liam Ryan from the band and he gave us the lowdown on how ‘The Language of Everyday Life’ was put together:

“In Motion sprang to life around 1988. Three school friends, Liam Ryan, Alan Kelly and John Duff, were drawn together by a love of similar music and attempted to master their instruments (well kind of) in a Crumlin shed. The first gig, I believe was in McGonagles ’90 and was quickly followed by many others in the legendary Underground, Rock Garden, Trinity, The Attic, Fox and Pheasant, Whelan’s, The Village (Cork) etc.

The early 90’s was a great time to be playing music in Ireland as lots of Irish bands were emerging with the same mindset. Everyone realised that they didn’t need the big record labels to release their music and then get dropped within the year. A DIY attitude surfaced with heaps of independent releases. In Motion’s first release was under Hope promotions and recorded by Dylan Philips of Pet Lamb. It was a 5 track split EP with Mexican Pets, Ciunas and Wheel called ‘A Statement Is A Weapon In An Empty Hand’ in 1992. Our next record was with Cork based Muck Savage records. This was a 3 track 7” called ‘For An Evening’s Velvet Ending’ recorded in 1993 in Sutan Studios in Cork. This included two tracks that ended up on the album, ‘Hollow Blow’ and ‘In Daylight’ (the third ‘It Takes A Long Time’ is included on this digital release). The gigs were coming thick and fast, playing with the likes of Spiritualized, Fugazi, The Cranberries, Babes in Toyland, Mexican Pets, Pet Lamb, Sunbear, The Idiots, Luggage. Ah!!! The Attic days.

Alan O’Boyle joined the ranks on guitar sometime in ’93, filling the sound out. We recorded ‘Five And Twenty Thousand Days’ with MSR in Elm Tree studios Cork in January ’94 which also ended up on the album. Dead Elvis were an independent label that had already released the first Wormhole album. Eamon Crudden approached us and suggested doing an album. We started recording ‘The Language of Everyday Life’ in June 1994 at Fuse, Parnell Street, which was the hub of Dead Elvis operations. Marc Carolan was at the controls and did a great job. Can’t remember how long it took but probably would have taken a lot less time if we weren’t popping into the Welcome Inn for the odd pint! Cheers the Alan O’B for remastering the album. Hope you like it!!! All band proceeds are going to Aware.”

Listen to The Language of Everyday Life!

[audio: Motion – Until My Dreams Come True.mp3, Motion – Splitting The Seams.mp3, Motion – Honey Sweet Soul.mp3, Motion – When Will You Come Back.mp3, Motion – Hollow Blow.mp3, Motion – In Daylight.mp3, Motion – Five And Twenty Thousand Days.mp3, Motion – Filter.mp3|titles=Until My Dreams Come True, Splitting The Seams, Honey Sweet Soul, When Will You Come Back, Hollow Blow, In Daylight, Five And Twenty Thousand Days, Filter]

Free Download: In Motion – Hollow Blow

The Language Of Everyday Life Also Available Here!

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The Very Most – Spring

The Very Most - Spring

Spring EP: 2.50 euro (Currency Converter)
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Spring EP & Remixes: 4 euro (Currency Converter)
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Ahh the 1st of February, ahh the 1st of Spring, ahh the first of many! Yep, we’re finally on the musical map with the first indiecater exclusive release courtesy of our good friends from Idaho the Very Most. You can listen to the first quarter of our ‘A Year With The Very Most’ project below. It’s called ‘Spring’ and given the time of year that we’ve released it I’m sure you can guess the name of the other 3 parts that will be along later in the year. Down with all those gimmicks I hear you say and we agree. The most important aspect of our union with the Very Most is that it has resulted in some seriously great music. In fact if one were to close ones eyes and listen intently one could conceivably end up getting smile cramp such is the happiness it expels. And all it costs is buttons (metal and in the shape of 2 and a half euro coins – in return you get 4 high quality mp3s and some neat artwork) to let the good times flow. We’d like to thank Jedrzej for the great shots that make up EP’s artwork and Chris and Laura’s production crew based out in Maynooth who are currently putting a video together for one of the songs. Exciting times! Summer will be along on May 1st.

Listen To The Sound Of Spring!

[audio: Very Most – Today It Is Even Better.mp3, Very Most – April Is The Kindest Month.mp3, Very Most – The Only Pretty Ring Time.mp3, Very Most – 7th Grade Romance.mp3|titles=Today It Is Even Better, April Is The Kindest Month, The Only Pretty Ring Time, A Two Week Springtime 7th Grade Romance]

Free Download: The Very Most – April Is The Kindest Month

Spring is changing……

***Spring/Summer EP Deal***

Add the Spring & Summer EP’s to your shopping cart and use the discount code ‘springsummer’ to get 50 cents off the total price. That’s 2 EP’s for €4.50!!

Spring Also Available Here!

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Press Quotes

Three Imaginary Girls

‘…will warm you up so fast you’ll forget it’s still cold outside…’


‘Prepare for an imminent cheering up by the band that makes dying sound like a jangle of a good time.’

The 405

‘I became endeared to its shamelessly poppy and charming qualities’


‘Beautiful, optimistic, seemingly care-free pop-music with boy/girl vocals, delicious choruses, tambourines and handclaps.’

Adrift On Deep Water, The Culture Of Me, Nialler9, Not So Fresh, Swear I’m Not Paul, Tenacious T., The Clare People, Russell’s Reviews, Fire Escape Talking

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Folklore – The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman


‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman’ was my favourite album of 2007 so having it on indiecater is really special. Folklore (myspace) is Jimmy Hughes and lots of his friends, you might know him from his Elf Power work but in our estimation this album unlocked a previously untapped seam of brilliant creativity. ‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman’ is not exactly a linear record but this approach is vital in order to recount the grandiose tale. As the songs trickle by you’ll appreciate how strong each one is. They may sound like they’ve appeared off different records initially but the fog will clear and you’ll find yourself traversing through the story many times over. The bonus of course is that there are splendid melodies to be found on every corner. The album costs €3.50 and the download bundle also includes all of the original artwork. If you’d like to do your own investigation you can read the lyrics on this page. If you’d prefer to buy the CD there are some copies available here. As ever you can preview the whole record on our player below.

We asked Jimmy to give us the background on how the album was put together and what follows is his answer.

I first started writing The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman as a novel upon graduating from college in 1997. The concepts and notes for this story were messily collected in various places (I once found a page of forgotten notes in the middle of a dictionary that I hadn’t opened in years), but I stopped writing short fiction in general as I focused more on music. Since then I have been playing in various bands, but it wasn’t until forming Folklore in 2005 that these stories found their home as a concept album, joining the fiction with the music. Someday, I would still like to spend the time elaborating this story as a longer work of fiction, but for now, I really needed to get some of the ideas and imagery out of my head and onto the page. Since songwriting is the media I have been working in, that’s how the stories ended up going down. The original idea was to create a history around the central character, H.W. Beaverman, based only on the hearsay, rumors, and gossip of the people in the town(s) around him. H.W. Beaverman is an older man, a hermit of sorts, and though few really know him, many speak of his legend and of his (theoretical) demise. As the album progresses, each character tells something new about Beaverman but also contradicts the previous account, thus deconstructing the rumor tree in reverse up to the end of the album when the listener hears H.W.Beaverman’s first hand account. As an album, rather than a novel, it leaves a lot up to the imagination of the audience, but I kind of like that aspect of how it turned out. Keeps them guessing. I think H.W. Beaverman would want it that way.

I also set out to cast the characters via their vocal counterpart. Everyone whom I initially asked to sing the parts agreed, and the album, once it got rolling, came together exactly as I had originally conceived it. Not that I expect things to fall apart around me, but I never expect things to come to fruition quite so easily, so that this album exists as it does (and that people have had such a positive reaction to it) makes me very happy.

Contrary to assumptions by some reviewers and speculators, the mysterious H.W. Beaverman is a real person, in spite of some of this storyline being fictionalized. These accounts of the man were compiled from different sources and different areas of northern New York State, namely Lake Bonaparte in the Adirondack Mountains, Wellesley Island in the 1000 Island Region of the St. Lawrence River, Skaneateles Lake in Skaneateles NY, Onondage Lake in Syracuse NY, and along the Susquehanna River in Binghamton NY. Any geographic features mentioned in the songs are real places, and all of the characters are real people (or at least conglomerations of multiple real people).

There are also some extra songs from the Beaverman tales that didn’t fit into the timeline of The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman album (back-story, flashbacks, settings, ghost stories). These songs were recorded and compiled on Folklore’s second album Carpenter’s Falls which came out in 2008. These stories are still part of the Beaverman tale, but for example, one tells the story of how ghosts are able to rise from the waters of Lake Bonaparte, while another tells of how the Susquehanna River is haunted, and yet another is the recounting of a suicide at Carpenter’s Falls.These stories all take place in the same setting as the Beaverman story, though mostly indirectly related to the man himself, and they more address the idea of why people believe that certain places or certain things are haunted. There are also some stories in the mix elluding to Beaverman’s youth. But these songs are descriptive lyrically, whereas all of the songs on The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman are sung as first-person accounts. That is why I decided to group these two albums as I did. But know that this second album Carpenter’s Falls does exist should anyone find themselves wanting to know more about the ghost of the elusive prankster H.W. Beaverman.

Listen To The Album Before You Buy It!

[audio: – Enter The Ghost.mp3, – The Kid.mp3, – The Father.mp3, – The Drowning At Lake Bonaparte.mp3, – The Bartender.mp3, – The Vet.mp3, – Bill and James.mp3, – The Pharmacist.mp3, – The Ghost.mp3, – H.W. Beaverman.mp3, – Going Home.mp3|titles=Enter The Ghost, The Kid, The Father, The Drowning At Lake Bonaparte, The Bartender, The Vet, Bill and James, The Pharmacist, The Ghost, H.W. Beaverman, Going Home]

Free Download: Folklore – The Pharmacist

Press Quotes

‘Regardless of whether Beaverman is a malevolent presence with inhuman powers, a convenient enigma, a misunderstood accident, or something else entirely, this is a delightful record.’

Pop Matters

‘The songs are poignant and provocative, heartbreaking and haunting.’

Viva Indie

‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman plays as a collection of beautifully-crafted pop songs, and the story they happen to tell only gains resonance the deeper you dig.’

Optical Atlas

‘Many of the songs have a different vocalist which when combined with the gloriously rambling instrumentation provides for a breathless listen’


read lots more press here

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Burning Codes – Burning Codes

Burning Codes Front Cover
Price: 4 euro (Currency Converter)

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Oh I know, it’s only the first day of a new year but this record from Belfast’s Burning Codes deserves to be released at the start of a new beginning. Given the excesses of the last while I can’t think of anything as pure and cleansing as this. Paul Archer’s (Burning Codes leadman) gospel fuelled emissions are a thing of beauty and serenity, a perfect calming sensation, deep reflection put to music. We’ve been enamoured by the band for a while now and they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts as they opened our very first compilation back in June of last year. ‘Burning Codes’ is an absorbing listen, something that can easily play in the background as you stitch your plans together for the forthcoming year. This is the perfect slowdown for a world that gets more frenetic by the day. ‘Burning Codes’ came out in late October 2008 and should you wish to buy the CD instead of our digital offering please visit the Burning Codes website.

We spoke to Paul recently and asked him to give us the background to the recording of the album.

‘‘Basically I’d been living in The Fens since coming over from Belfast in March. During this time I was writing, singing, touring, and playing with my previous band, the Ghears (now on a break). Through a set of various circumstances we were given an opportunity to move to a large wooden bungalow in a quiet village high up in the forest, above the village itself just beyond the town of Corby. We had a lot of hard work and commuting for many months to get the house ready as it required extensive work. When we had a housewarming my brother Iain came up from London with his old pro tools rig and he very kindly loaned it to me. I stared at it for about 3 months thinking ‘but I’m used to 4-tracks, then studios and engineers etc.’. Iain kept calling me and asking, ‘Have you done anything yet?’ Finally 3 months later I thought, the only way I’m really gonna be able to do this is really to disable my songwriting conventions and to try to make myself as vulnerable as possible and fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens. Very strangely this seemed to unlock these long hidden inner messages almost like pulling out a plug and many of these codes are flowed out! I would sit in my large white studio room looking out at the trees, watching the wind blow the branches, sometimes even encountering deer and the like and I found a whole new kind of place, a massive place full of light and hope, empathy and discovery, experimentation, melody, innate feeling and expression, harmony, vulnerability and great awe…’’

‘Burning Codes’ is certainly different (although the keen eared amongst you may hear latter day Spiritualised creeping through) and we’re so proud to offer this album to you. It costs €4 which gets you all 11 tracks (+1) and the original artwork and lyrics. As a bonus this digital release also includes a glimpse of Burning Codes next album. The ‘Away’ demo is completely realised but Paul has plans to take it in a different direction when his sophomore is recorded with the help of several friends sometime later this year.

Listen To The Album Before You Buy It!

[audio: Codes – For All Time.mp3, Codes – Go.mp3, Codes – All You’re Feeling.mp3, Codes – Light Is Coming.mp3, Codes – Cloak and Dagger.mp3, Codes – David.mp3, Codes – Sharer.mp3, Codes – Circles.mp3, Codes – See the Colours.mp3, Codes – Searcher.mp3, Codes – Whirlwind.mp3, Codes – Away (Special Demo Version).mp3|titles=For All Time, Go, All You’re Feeling, Light Is Coming, Cloak & Dagger, David, Sharer, Circles, See The Colours, Searcher, Whirlwind, Away (Special Demo Version)]
Free Download: Cloak & Dagger

Press Quotes

‘As quietly awesome and deeply intimate as catching the first glimpse of dawn from a secret solitary place.’

AU Magazine

‘A truly remarkable debut album’

Hot Press

‘affecting to the point where I get emotional every time I hear it’


more press here

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