Code Pie

Code Pie: A Brief History…

By the standards of the fickle world of independent music, Code Pie’s history is a long one. It began with a series of home recordings by singer Enzo Palermo in the year 2000. Two years later Palermo contacted guitarist Salvatore Ciolfi through an internet ad, and the two began writing and playing music together. The duo were soon joined by drummer Vince Varano, bassist Michel Semienchuk, trumpet player Eva Boodman and cellist Rebecca Lessard, and the newly minted sextet began playing shows in and around Montreal.

Their first album, ‘This Habit’, was recorded on a shoestring budget of $700 and released in April of 2005. Using rented equipment, the band recorded tracks in various locations, including a high school auditorium, family homes, apartments and offices. To release the album, the band founded Flagless Records.

Code Pie’s second album, ‘The Most Trusted Name in Yous’ (June 2007) was recorded over a period of more than a year at Montreal’s Hotel 2 Tango studio with Howard Bilerman, Brian Paulson and Kevin Komoda. Also entirely self-produced and financed, the band once again released the album on their own Flagless Records.

Following the release of that album, Code Pie appeared at Canadian Music Week, Pop Montreal, North by Northeast, the Halifax Pop Explosion, and the In the City emerging music festival in Manchester. Still not entirely sick of each other, the band decided to take some time off from performing in 2009 to work on new material. Once again, they did all the recording for the album themselves at Varano’s D.I.R.T studio in Montreal, with mixing help from Kevin Komoda of Hotel 2 Tango. The result is ‘Love Meets Rage’ which will be released by Indiecater and Flagless in April 2011.

-Code Pie, March 2011

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