Fast Forward: The World Cup Goes Indie

Fast Forward: An Indie Music Companion To World Cup 2010

Fast Forward is our most ambitious project to date and it has taken over a year to come to fruition. The premise was simple; we asked some of our favourite bands to write about one of the 32 countries participating in South Africa 2010, the only stipulation being that the song be themed on their chosen country and if possible be football related. As you can imagine this definition was interpreted in about 32 different ways but the results are as colourful, imaginative and exciting as the event they will be used to showcase.

We wanted Fast Forward to be accessible to as many people at possible so it has been priced at a pocket friendly fiver. Yep, 5 euro (there are a limited number of Indiecater memory sticks loaded with the album for €10 including delivery) and the cream of indiedom draped in the flags of the world best footballing countries is yours. For this you’ll get 32 songs, the striking original artwork by Alan Barrett and a digital World Cup scrapbook containing lyrics and facts about the compilation. As with every Indiecater release you can listen to this album before you buy it. We’ve set out the tracklisting below based on the World Cup groupings so you can take it all in over several visits if you wish. This compilation has somewhat healed the scars of Ireland not qualifying and will hopefully enhance your enjoyment of what is sure to be a fantastic tournament.

Group A

South Africa Cop On The Edge – Bafana Bafana
Mexico Standard Fare РVaya Vaya M̩xico!
Uruguay Showstar – Uruguay!
Irlande The Very Most – Irlande

Group B

Argentina The Dirty 9s – Ballad of El Diego (Video)
Nigeria Grand Pocket Orchestra – Nigeria
South Korea Pearse McGloughlin – Jongmyo Shrine
Greece At Last An Atlas – The Pirate Ship

Group C

England Detox Cute – St George’s Day (Video)
USA Echo Orbiter – Game Without A Name
Algeria Boca Chica – Wildlife of Algeria
Slovenia Lightholler – Slovenia’s Dream

Group D

Germany Betty and the Cavalero – Meet Me At The Red Light
Australia Sleep Good – Australia
Serbia Hunter-Gatherer – Serbia
Ghana The Invisible Clock Factory – We Are The Black Stars

Group E

Holland Burning Codes – Wooded Land
Denmark Cleemann – Princes of Denmark
Japan Goatboy – Japanese City Nights
Cameroon Spirit Spine – Field Way (Song For Cameroon)

Group F

Italy Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By The Football Players’ Summery Outfit
Paraguay Harry Bird – Pesadilla No.7
New Zealand Adam and Darcie – Aotearoa
Slovakia Escape Act – Slovakia

Group G

Brazil Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Back To You
North Korea Francis Bacon’s Ghost – Kim Jung II
The Ivory Coast Storkboy Choons – Côte d’Ivoire
Portugal Tap Tap – Dry Dry Land

Group H

Spain The Yellow Melodies – Vamos A Ganar El Mundial
Switzerland Candy Claws – Alp Sway Snow Team
Honduras My Brother Woody – Carlos Dreams of World Cup Glory (Video)
Chile Manwomanchild – Chile La Roja


Standard Fare – Va Va Mexico

The Dirty 9s – Ballad of El Diego

My Brother Woody – Carlos Dreams of World Cup Glory

Echo Orbiter – Game Without A Name

Detox Cute and the Beauty Junkies – St George’s Day


The Guardian

…The quality really is astonishingly high, with these 32 songs consistently showing levels of warmth, humour, subtlety, imagination and musicality so rarely found in football-related songs….

Sunday Independent

…You’d be an awful curmudgeon if you didn’t find quite a few things to like on a compilation which would be a super addition to any World Cup party….

A Cultured Left Foot

…range from the very good to the very bizarre, none of them is bog standard….


…the only musical accompaniment to the Copa del Mundo that you ought to be dancing to every morning….


…32 quality bands from Ireland and abroad won’t let you down…


…a world-beater of an idea…


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35 thoughts on “Fast Forward: The World Cup Goes Indie”

  1. Why didn’t you ask an indie band from each country to do the song for that country? I actually find this project a little offensive, in the sense that you didn’t even bother to see what indie bands were around in each place, you just barrel through having bands that likely know nothing of each place, or maybe only have a stereotypical idea, to “represent” entire nations in the context of the world cup. Nice work in keeping the status quo (people in Europe and US never bothering to get out of their bubbles and learn something about the global south)

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Where we couldn’t get a band from a particular country we invoked Fifa’s grandparent rule.


  3. Fantastic album. Jingle jangle music at its best played to the beautiful game.

  4. Shannon, I’m from Chile and I don’t think is offensive at all that the bands aren’t from each country. I’m very proud of the manwomanchild’s work. They really worked out and made a GREAT song, they researched about chilean’s team, and that’s awesome. Great work.

  5. This is the GREATEST idea ever! Shannon has lost the plot with her “issue” here too… I’m from Germany, and am not remotely offended that the bands aren’t from their respective country. That argument doesn’t even make sense!

  6. I’m from Mexico (although jumping back and forth between here and Sheffield) and I love this compilation.

    Shannon, relax and enjoy the music. It’s all good.

  7. Amazing work!!!
    Shannon, I am from the “global south”, and am not offended in any way. Lighten up and enjoy the idea in this cd – maybe you could start your own compilation with bands from each country.
    ps: Go Brazil!

  8. I like ¡¡¡
    In special of the Chile La Roja..
    from is Chillán, city of Chile…
    Thank you..

    C H I …CHI… E L …. E
    VIVA CHILE ¡¡¡

  9. A great proyect!
    I really enjoyed manwomanchild’s song Chile LaROja speccially que chorus.
    And that France’s song was called Irelande is amazing, too.

  10. “..for years they’ve been ignored, but not today…”

    Man, oh man.. I just hope to be singing that part of Manwomanchild’s Chile La Roja on July 11………..

    HERE WE GO!!!!

  11. Thanks Manwomanchild, a great song, already nº1 on my play list.

    Your earned a tons of fans in our country

    Let`s go Chile CTM!!!!!!

  12. I’m from Chile and I Loved the song by Manwomanchild, it sounds very good!

    I want more from Manwomanchild!

  13. Thnx Manwomanchild, cause you’ve make a great song for us.
    im from chile, and the next friday, we’re gona sing that song while we beat the spaniards.


    españoles CAGONES!

  15. Very good song dedicated to the “ROJA”. Thanks Manwomanchild is the best of all .. a great contribution to music dedicated to football.

    Congratulations, you are great

  16. Guys of manwomanchild !

    what Fucking amazing song !

    is a marvel

    we love u

    greetings from Chile :)

    the best part is thist “..for years they’ve been ignored, but not today…”

  17. WOOOOOW!!!!
    the song Chile LA ROJA is really amazing!!!
    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you very very much for your support.
    For years we’ve been ignored BUT NOT TODAY!!!

  18. I join my chilean fellows… Manwomanchild made a really great and emotional song… i love the indie and even more listening Chile on it… like someone said before… now you have a lot of fans here!
    greetings from Viña!

  19. ok, the music indie, is not my speciality, but manwomanchild, his song is a hymn in my country, thank you very much, for this, is a punch of energy in this moments, for me, and for all the people in Chile. Viva Indiecater Records, Viva ManWomanChild and Viva La Roja y la conchetumadre.

  20. Boys of manwomanchild made a really nice song!
    It’s really lovely and amazing, thanks for your great job!!! We are in the round of 16!!! :)

  21. Thanks so much for having done this indiecater records. The People of Chile and i´m sure the national team would be very proud to listen to this song and hear the background chant of our countrymen. WE LOVE YOU INDIECATER! OLE OLE OLE OLE CHILEEEE CHILEEE!!!!!

  22. Thanks for all the lovely comments from Chile. Everyone at Indiecater would like to wish you the best of luck against Brazil – we’ll be shouting for you!!


  23. hey. great songs. great idea.

    this is a great chance of listening to new bands! :D

    viva chile!

  24. The best song it’s Chile La Roja
    this song gona be legend… wait for it… dary

    THX ManWomanChild u are awesome

    Stgo, Chile

  25. The best song is “La Roja” Thanks for that!!! I like Indie music!! Thanks ManWomanChild Please COME TO CHILE!!!

  26. Chile la Rojaa the beeest song ever!!!
    what a fuckin’ amazing song, Manwomanchild you rock, i’m very proud of this work, i fuckin’ love it, chileee takes the ball thee crowd explooooodes!!! (8) hahah VIVA CHILE Y LA CTM NO PASAMOS LOS CUARTOS DE FINAL PERO SE NOS VIENE LA REVANCHA EN BRASIL 2014 CSM!!!

  27. Hola, soy de Chile.
    La canción de manwomanchild me encanta… Incluso, aunque no me interesa mucho el fútbol, la canción de alguna manera me hizo interesarme y me futbolicé. La letra es insuperable. Gracias a Indiecater por dar la posibilidad de conocer tan buena música, pues hay varias otras canciones de las otras selecciones que son bastante interesantes.

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