The World Cup Goes Indie!

South Africa 2010


Update: The compilation is with us and it’s called Fast Forward! Ole!

football Yep, we like nothing better than taking the month of June off every 4 years to watch all the World Cup action. Sometimes we even go through mental torture trying to decide whether football or music is our greatest love but the truth is we love them both equally. So with South Africa 2010 rapidly approaching we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give the 19th World Cup a soundtrack that is kind on the ears of those of the indie persuasion. What we’re planning is a compilation made up of songs written about each of the World Cup finalists. So that’ll be 32 songs in all! As you can imagine it’s a very tall order and with a not so grand indie tradition in several of the countries it may make for some interesting results.

football If you are a band or solo artist and are interested in getting involved in this compilation please get in touch. It promises to give you decent exposure, a share of the royalties and will hopefully be a lot of fun. There is no limitation to which country you chose except that the song you write will need to be true to your adopted team. The Compilation is now fully subscribed!

football Listed below are the 8 groups containing all 32 participating teams. Each country will either have ‘Available’ or ‘Artist’ associated with them to indiecate whether they’ve been snapped up or not already.

Group A

South Africa South Africa – Cop On The Edge *
Mexico Mexico – Standard Fare *
Uruguay Uruguay – Showstar *
Irlandais France – The Very Most *

Group B

Argentina Argentina – The Dirty 9s *
Nigeria Nigeria – Grand Pocket Orchestra *
South Korea South Korea – Pearse McGloughlin *
Greece Greece – At Last An Atlas *

Group C

England England – Detox Cute & The Beauty Junkies *
USA USA – Echo Orbiter *
Algeria Algeria – Boca Chica *
Slovenia Slovenia – Lightholler *

Group D

Germany Germany – Betty and the Cavalero *
Australia Australia – Sleep Good *
Serbia Serbia – Hunter-Gatherer *
Ghana Ghana – The Invisible Clock Factory *

Group E

Holland Holland – Burning Codes *
Denmark Denmark – Cleemann *
Japan Japan – Goatboy *
Cameroon Cameroon – Spirit Spine *

Group F

Italy Italy – Le Man Avec Les Lunettes *
Paraguay Paraguay – Harry Bird *
New Zealand New Zealand – Adam and Darcie *
Slovakia Slovakia – Escape Act *

Group G

Brazil Brazil – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin *
North Korea North Korea – Francis Bacon’s Ghost *
The Ivory Coast The Ivory Coast – Storkboy Choons *
Portugal Portugal – Tap Tap *

Group H

Spain Spain – The Yellow Melodies *
Switzerland Switzerland – Candy Claws *
Honduras Honduras – My Brother Woody *
Chile Chile – Manwomanchild *

* = Recorded

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  1. This compilation is due to be released on May 10th so you’ll have to wait until then to hear it! Hope you’ll back then. Kevin

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