Choices, Choices, Choices

Opportunity Knocks
Seven great tracks have made the cut so far (I won’t reveal them yet as I’m not 100%) and I have spent some time ordering and reordering them so that there is a natural flow to the way they play in sequence. I’ve listened to the chosen ones quite a few times and none have become tiresome which is always a good test for a song. Thus far some of the submissions have surprised, some have disappointed and others have been as good as I expected them to be. It is going to be difficult making the final selection and I hope I don’t upset anyone who doesn’t make the cut. If things work out this could be just the start of a series of compilations so it is quite likely that some songs submitted, but not selected, for volume one could pop up down the line. Currently I am waiting on about a dozen other bands to submit their work. These songs will be either brand new recordings or reworked versions of previous releases. With a bit of luck I’ll have the final 10 tracks selected by the end of June with a release date not too long afterwards. All very exciting, my inner nerd is having a field day!

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