Positive Response

The Clap
2 days in and the response have been overwhelming. We’re almost halfway there already with 4 really good tracks lined up. Several high calibre acts are recording new material this weekend especially for the compilation (gulp!), which will mean we will be in a very healthy position by this time next week. Someone asked me earlier what the CD would look like – well, I decided early on that this would be a digital release only. No point in introducing unnecessary delivery and packaging costs when a simple zipped file can do the business for free. The zipped file will include the 10 songs, a playlist (so the songs play in order), track listing, original artwork plus some background information and links about the bands taking part. It will probably sell for €4.50 with the income shared amongst all those taking part. As ever I would welcome any thoughts, ideas, guidance that you may have.

2 thoughts on “Positive Response”

  1. €4.50 seems like a hell of a bargain. Maybe if it’s a real success, a physical release might be possible in the future? Here’s hoping. Can’t wait for this. Good luck!

  2. You never know what could become of this Anon. It would be great if it worked out and it ended up in some records stores at some stage.

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