Press For Indiecater Vol. 2

Indiecater Vol. 2

What is it about Vol. 2 and 8/10’s? Not sure really but here is another one from the Clare People Newspaper.

8/10 ain’t too shabby and that’s what Volume 2 scores from the Clare People Interactive site, they also like the way it ‘unearths some gems’.

Fresh Deer Meat prove that indiecater is certainly to their taste when they admit that ‘few compilations this year will open your eyes to such a diverse range of quality artists’

indiecater gets its first review as gaeilge from slinky online mag nós* and in the process scores an impressive 4/5!

Matt Vinyl cuts to the chase and in the process hits the nail on the head ‘reminiscent of old folk recordings in the way that it’s put together’.

‘excellent tracks by some uniquely talented artists’ is how our fav Danish blogger Stytzer puts it.

‘a super affordable album of gleaming musical treasures’ is how Gardenhead describes the album, extra points for acknowledging hugger’s insatiable taste for punnery.

See what you hear likes what he hears ‘the second part of this charming series has arrived’.

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