Candy Claws – In The Dream Of The Sea Life

Candy Claws - In The Dream Of The Sea Life

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[audio: Claws – Diving Knife.MP3, Claws – Lantern Fish.MP3, Claws – Starry Fighter Kite.MP3, Claws – Catamaran.MP3, Claws – The Sun Is My Girl.MP3, Claws – Flashy Storm.MP3, Claws – Island Grows.MP3, Claws – Snowflake Eel Wish.MP3, Claws – Not Strange Winged Snail.MP3, Claws – Snowy Shores.MP3|titles=Diving Knife, Lantern Fish, Starry Fighter Kite, Catamaran, The Sun Is My Girl, Flashy Storm, Island Grows, Snowflake Eel Wish, Not Strange Winged Snail, Snowy Shores]
Free Download: Candy Claws – Catamaran

We found Candy Claws bathing in the waters off San Esteban near the shimmering Panda Valentine archipelago and they quickly stole our hearts. Their debut album is our first dip into electronica and we think you’ll be enamoured. You know how that genre sometimes gives the impression that the machines hold sway, well ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’ wrestles the initiative firmly back in our favour. When you hear the ocean, it’s actually the sound of real ocean and those vocals, although somewhat digitised, are so inherently human it makes you feel good to be on the right side of artificiality. What is he talking about I hear you say; well this is just an ordinary man exuberant on the heart wrenching persuasion of this album. I listen and I sink into bliss. ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’ is as innovative as it is tuneful and in our estimation is one of 2009’s finest works. The album has been completely remastered for the occasion including brand new artwork.

As a special treat we have a limited edition CD, signed by the band, to give away to 10 people. The winners will be picked at random from those who buy the album over the next few weeks.

Ryan from Candy Claws now tells us the story behind ‘In The Dream Of The Sea Life’.

Aloha! Ryan here from Candy Claws. A little about ourselves and the album… Kay and I spent our first two years as a band writing and recording the music. It always had a nautical theme, perhaps because of the mystery of the ocean. Then I discovered Rachel Carson’s book, ‘The Sea Around Us’, hidden away on a shelf at my grandparents’ house, and the whole album came into focus. Miss Carson’s book, though scientific non-fiction, is imbued with such beauty and mystery, written in such elegant prose it feels more like poetry, a hymn to the sea. That’s what we were feeling for in our recordings, too, so we decided to make the album a ‘musical companion’ to the book. In June of 2008, Kay and I went to Italy with her high school art class, and recorded ocean sounds on the shores of Portovenere and Monterosso. Then in October I went to the Philippines with my mom, sister, and grandmother to meet our extended family for the first time. I recorded more ocean sounds at San Fernando and San Esteban on the island of Luzon. It was important to us to include sounds we had recorded ourselves, in places we loved, because sound effects tend to be gimmicky, but this way it seemed a lot more personal, and it’s exciting to be able to say the album was recorded in three different countries! Anyway, we made all the music in Fort Collins at a place called Flashy Storm, which is also called Ryan’s Bedroom when I go to sleep. Our favorite bands at the time, who really influenced the sound: the Beach Boys, Starflyer 59, the Lassie Foundation, My Bloody Valentine, Cornelius, and maybe you can guess a few more? Well, thanks for listening! See you soon!

Watch The Video To Catamaran!

(If you’d like to download this video and have bought the album just get in touch and we’ll send it on!)

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