A Sneak Peak At Autumn!

The Autumn EP

The Very Most’s 3rd EP this year is a mere few weeks away and the leaves are literally falling over themselves with excitement. It’ll be called Autumn, much in keeping with the theme of its joyful predecessors Spring and Summer, and we have a lovely taster to keep you going until October 12th (the official release date). Autumn Air is steeped in the colourful flourishes that characterise the Very Most’s best work and come release time you’ll be able to download it for free!

Listen To Autumn Air
[audio: http://www.mp3hugger.net/indiecater/tvmautumn/The Very Most – Autumn Air.mp3|titles=Autumn Air|artists=The Very Most]

4 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak At Autumn!”

  1. Just thought I’d mention quickly that this song is a cover of a song written by my brother Elijah Jensen. He’s an amazing songwriter, and I’ve been looking to cover one of his songs for a while. Fortunately, the Autumn EP presented the perfect opportunity.

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