The Very Most – Autumn

Autumn is our 3rd release this year from Idaho’s the Very Most. It comes hot on the heels of the Spring and Summer EP’s and precedes what will hopefully be a perfectly formed collection of tunes named Winter. You can probably see where we’re coming from when we called the series A Year With The Very Most. Yep, we’re simple folks and TVM’s endless supply of pristine ditties never fails to make us smile. Chief songwriter Jeremy Jensen plucks the melodies from his head and several minutes later we’re all whistling along. It’s a gift that we are immensely proud to showcase. Autumn is just another example of his bands’ wholesome charm and even though the tunes comes ready made for your ears they tend to hold onto their shininess no matter how many times you play them. This digital EP (includes 3 songs, artwork and lyrics) is selling for just 2 euro, not a lot of outlay for all the sunshine you’ll ever need. A big thank you to resident indiecater photographer John McRedmond for taking the photos that make up the artwork, and to Elijah Jensen, who wrote Autumn Air for his band The Unicorn Feather.

P.S. If you’ve missed Spring and Summer and would like to buy Autumn also why not make use of our discount code trindiecater wherein you’ll receive 10% off the total price!



…three tracks of warm, welcoming indiepop….

Boise Beat

…the results are rich and (as corny as it sounds) make your heart sing….


Lito Music, Bored and Beats, Swear I’m Not Paul, Indie Rock Cafe.

4 thoughts on “The Very Most – Autumn”

  1. This album sounds good, but I’m having trouble associating it with autumn… Reminds me more of Spring or Summer. Keep up the good work!

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