An Indiecater Night

Indiecater Records Present: The Very Most, The Ambience Affair & Storkboy Choons

What next, our own offices in Manhattan? Hard to believe but as time moves on Indiecater is becoming more and more like a real record label….gulp. Having a CD that you can buy in the shops helps of course but we’re stepping up a gear now by holding our very own Indiecater Night this Christmas in Whelans (the upstairs venue). Yep, no longer shall we huddle behind the comforting camouflage of the world wide web, it’s high time we got out into the real world. It helps of course that there will be a trio of stellar acts to entertain everybody on the night.

First up is Kells finest export, the not so bookish Storkboy Choons. Mr Choons appeared on our first ever release, Indiecater Vol. 1, and his digital foray’s are a constant reminder why electronica is such a winning diversion from ye old indie rock. Take a listen to Rockfield Symphony which is both an ode to a housing estate and Joyce’s Ulysses.

[audio: Choons – Rockfield Symphony.mp3|titles=Rockfield Symphony|artists=Storkboy Choons]

The Ambience Affair are also from Meath (50% anyway) and are made up of Jamie Clarke (vocal, guitars, pedals, keyboards) and Marc Gallagher (vocals, drums). We digitally released their debut EP earlier this year and it is quite unlike any other Irish release in 2009. Fragile Things was the tune that caught our attention (hear it below) and it comes into it’s own in a live setting. The duo are certainly experimental in their approach but behind the invention lies some really great tunes.

[audio: Ambience Affair – Fragile Things.mp3|titles=Fragile Things|artists=The Ambience Affair]

Our main act, the Very Most, will be travelling all the way from the home of the US spud, namely Boise, Idaho. We’ve been working very closely with them over the last 12 months as part of our A Year With The Very Most project. The band released an EP at the dawn of each new season, so dotted around the indiecater site you’ll find Spring, Summer and Autumn (Winter is due any day now). These releases have provided us with so many memorable indie pop melodies it’s easy to forget Teenage Fanclub have gone missing of late. We’re so delighted to have Jeremy and the gang visit us on their first tour outside of the U.S. (they’ll also be playing Dundalk). This Whelan’s show is made all the more special because it will mark the occasion of the European release of their A Year With The Very Most album. Check out You’re In Love With The Sun as a prime example of some precious TVM tuneage.

[audio: Very Most – You’re In Love With The Sun.mp3|titles=You’re In Love With The Sun|artists=The Very Most]

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