Static Front!

Songs That Put Us In A Spin

We’re going back to our roots and reissuing another Irish classic. The Sewing Room’s ‘And Nico‘ came out in the mid nineties on Dead Elvis and we so grateful to Eamon Crudden from the label for making this happen (he also graciously let us do the reissuing treating on In Motion’s ‘The
Language of Everyday Life’). ‘And Nico‘ is something that fits perfectly into the Indiecater canon and we’ re proud to bring it back to life.

Fast Forward: World Cup Compilation

Update: Fast Forward has kicked off and it’s an end to end thriller!

The World Cup is just around the corner and we’ve been spending the last year asking our favourite bands to record a song for each of the 32 participating countries! Yep, the bumper Fast Forward will be along on May 10th featuring 32 original songs and you’ll be able to buy it for a fiver! Something you’ll treasure for the summer and well beyond.

Traditions That Were Meant To Be Broken

Indiecater is calibrated to seek out the perfect indie pop tune but this pursuit can lead to stagnation. That’s why our roving eye is alert to
possibilities of the non-jangling variety. Golden Ages fit the bill with distinction and Tradition is a masterclass in exciting digital forays. Find out for yourself and join us on our next adventure.

Archer Hits The Target Once Again

Need a relaxing break but can’t afford the overnight accommodation? Well then why not consider Burning Codes 2 with its soothing sounds to massage your tired mind. The Belfast act’s second album can be all yours for just 4 euro (breakfast is extra). If even that is too much for your pocket then you might consider listening to the whole LP and even downloading a track for free? Our check-in desk is now open so do come along.

The Ambience Affair Are Back!

The Ambience Affair’s second outing Patterns is now available for your perusal. This time Jamie and Marc merely reinforce why they have become one of the most exciting acts out of Ireland in years. If you’ve no money then don’t fret as you can still hear the whole EP and download a track for nowt. Alternatively for those with silk lined pockets and a keen taste in music prepare yourself for a real treat. All the action is happening over here.

Boca Chica’s ‘Valentine’….just in time for…..

You should know us and our consistent adherence to thematic releases by now so it should come as no surprise, given the weekend that’s in it, when you find out that Boca Chica’s Valentine EP is our latest release. The 5 songs contained within are a continual delight to our ears and their influence will be felt long after the white doves have flown the coop. Listen to the whole EP and read all about it on this page.

Spring into Summer, Fall back to Winter

Fancy spending a year with the Very Most? Well now’s your chance given that we’ve got a CD of the very same name. This compilation will take you on a journey through the seasons using a choice basket of lilting melodies and several chests of fine jangle. You can listen to all 19 pieces of music, download 4 free tracks and then spoil Idaho’s finest with what remains of your fast emptying recessionary pockets on this page.